GOG Galaxy support


I was wondering if there was any intention to have GOG Galaxy support for Stonehearth?

Short little question. :slight_smile:

hey there @Heinrich … apologies on the dumb response, but can you clarify? I know (and use) GoG… but i’m not sure what GOG Galaxy Support is… :confused:

i think he means if Stonehearth will be selled via GOG ^^ and the answer at the moment is NO :wink:

Galaxy is their Steam-like program which is in beta atm.

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I mean if I would be able to launch and manage updates and saves (cloud saves etc) via the GOG Galaxy client and in the far future manage multiplayer session.

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I guess it’s time to bump the topic. I, for one, would welcome a DRM-free distribution platform.

I’ll try to write all pro and contra atm:

  • Another possible market (GOG holds, according to different estimates, 15-20% of the market)
  • No DRM (good for both the devs and the gamers)
  • All the traditional perks of GOG (cloud saves, auto-updates, regular sales, GOG regional prices, moneyback)
  • New GOG Connect feature (you can add SH to your account for free if you already have it on Steam - but only if Radiant decides to participate in GOG Connect). Introduced in June 2016.

-A new platform means new place to put updates, so more work for Radiant.

Aaaand another bump a year later.
Forum search gives nothing, so… does anyone know Radiant’s stance on this?