Goblins quest bugged - goblins gave up?

I bribed the first goblin chief with lots of shines, he was pretty nice, we went our separate ways. The second came and asked for more than I had, threatened with much ouchness if I didn’t comply, and spawned in with a camp of no less than 23 other goblins. I wish I were kidding but there were so many I had to hit pause to stop and actually count them. My three footmen and herbalist stood no chance against these forces so I turtled up. I built an impressive wall with a forboding looking clay tunnel door thingy and lo … even though they threatened bodily harm they just sort of milled around their own campfire until the camp itself dissipated one night without so much as a word or warning.

Since then there’s been escalating goblin parties, but no goblin chiefs with which I could progress. I tried to instigate with a ‘neener neener’ by sticking an honor token outside my door to no effect, nor does the scout-hat-gong work. Is there some way I could convince the goblins to make a pass at my front door for the sake of progression?

Running version - release687 x64, no mods

No there isn’t. At the moment there are no goblin “door breakers”, so if you have properly surrounded yourself with a wall and doors you are perfectly safe. That being said, Vernanus and Ogres can attack doors, and as soon as their destroyed most enemies (including goblins) will attempt to attack.

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Ah shucks, and here I was hoping to score some nifty windchimes. Ah well, thank you very much for the reply.

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