Goblins not taking damage while on the run

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I had a couple of goblins ( the plain green kind, kinda like the ‘workers’ of goblin-kind) raid my camp and my footmen went after them. But I noticed, while the goblins were running away with my footmen on their tails, they (the goblins) kept getting the yellowish particle effects (like what happens during an attack), but were not sustaining any damage.

They did eventually die, but it wasn’t until they stopped moving and cowered against a cliff wall with my footmen attacking, that their ‘hearts’ went down. My guys were using stone hammers, so they should have gone down quickly.

I’m using the latest unstable build ( [345] ), steam client.

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I’ve noticed this on several occasions, but I’m not sure if they are taking minimal damage or none at all.


I noticed this behaviour also. It’s pretty annoying when you have 4 footman who keep attacking the goblin thief and the thief doesn’t get any damage.

They should either be able to attack while running or if the attack commenced when the goblin was in range , it should receive the damage.


I do like the fact that it is harder to kill something that is running away from you, it’s saved my workers more than a few times, but I agree that while it should make them harder to hit, it shouldn’t make them IMPOSSIBLE.

Every time i watch my footman chase a goblin worker for miles… I wish for archers to be added to the game just a little more…


I agree @Solus, I think archers would be ideal!

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@RLG - Back a couple of revisions ago, I seem to remember that if they were attacked, it didn’t matter if they were retreating or not, they still sustained damage.

I’m not sure when it changed, and somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think enemies could sustain damage ‘on the run’ as recently as A9… I think… ?

I don’t know if it was this way before or not and It could very well be possible that they indeed sustain damage in previous releases.

But in the current build, when they attack the goblin doesn’t drop the item it was holding nor does it hearts seem to go down. It’s only when the goblin picks up an item that they damage him. Presumably because he stays still long enough for the attack to hit or something…

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You can check the goblins actual health bar (they have 50hp) and it doens’t go down. Doesn’t matter if you have 5 fully steel armed footman level 2+ all attacking them while they run.

Awesome detective work, @Xylos!

Maybe we can catch the attention of @sdee or @not_owen_wilson, and they could pass it on to the rest of the team for us!


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Thanks for bringing this up! (It was happening in my games as well…)
We’ll get a fix for it in place.


Awesome @brad! Once again, Team Radiant is on the job!

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I think I saw @Albert check in a fix for this last week. :slight_smile: