Glassworks [1.2.2]


I’ll conjure up a bunch more Silver and Iron for that endless grind, poor mining golems.


Please post pictures of nice stuff built with Glassworks :3 I’ve always wanted to see some!


I can’t finish anything! Need them salts for the pretty windows!


I just got my glassworks going so I will as soon as I build something :smiley:


Yes indeed I know about the fix, I mentioned this issue a while back up on the thread I believe and found out he made a fix for it. But the issue persists for me even on new maps.


Last night’s update should have finally fixed that issue, though. Make sure your steam updated the mod (or that you downloaded the new non-steam version) 1.2.1 :slightly_smiling_face:

If you use Steam, try unsubscribing and then subbing again to make sure :slight_smile:


Oookaaay I shall check the next chance I can!


Update! So I did indeed get the update. The crafting seems to be working properly again! However i stumbled upon another issue! it’s a minor one and shouldn’t take long to fix. The actual Glassmith’s Bench itself much like all other placable objects has a collision box around it to show where it can be placed in the world, but the collision box gets shifted over away from the physical model of the bench when rotated in certain ways.


I swear I will destroy it and make it a 1x1 square table :joy:

Just kidding, but I know the issue - it was like this before the first fix, I “undid” the first fix to apply the second but forgot to re-fix that bit :joy:

Well, at least I’ll have a chance to make some salts drop more often :wink:

Expect an update soon and sorry about it again!


LMAO yeah ok thanks for that hahah.

nice going :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, let’s try this. Third time is the charm, right?!

GLASSWORKS updated to 1.2.2!

November 13th; v1.2.2

  • Fixed the issue with the Glassmith’s Bench. AGAIN!!! This time for good!
  • Slightly increased the drop rates for some salts. They still only drop on actual ore nodes, though.
    For example, if you want Titanium salts, you need to mine iron ore blocks.
  • Added Large Pots for all salts and Large Urns for all ashes and common minerals. These work like resource piles, you have to harvest them for their resources, and once they are finished you get the empty pot or urn as a drop.
  • Added recipes for such pots and urns. They can be bought from Town Level 3 Traders but you can also craft your own if you wish. Potters will craft the urns and masons will craft the pots - as weird as this sounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is it!
Let’s hope it works this time! :slight_smile:


Yay! I ended up finding all the salts but it took 500+ iron ore before I got titanium, glad it was all tweaked a bit :slight_smile:

Which traders sell them though? Have yet to see any being sold

Late as hell edit, but figured I wouldn’t spam:

I am having trouble with the filters for sand piles? They only want to go into a chest set with “All” as filter, any idea what causes this?

Dani’s Core Mod
Better Storage
Super Mod
Brewery Mod
Stonehearth Cafe
Patrol Points
Home Sweet Home
Autoharvest Modd


That is likely my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take a look whenever I am able to!


You are the best!


I think I found the issue! When you open a chest/stockpile it has the headers for different categories of items, packed sand has their own under the header:"“material_tags”:"stockpile_sand sand packed_sand resource

I am not a modder or a coder but if I had to guess here is a typo in that line somehow?


Just a little something for you to enjoy: the front face of my Glassworks building :slight_smile:


This looks amazing <3 <3

Also, are you dutch? These look like dutch buildings :smiley:


Yes and they are somewhat inspired by the tall buildings along the Amsterdam Canals :wink:

I’ll post some more for you as the town progresses :stuck_out_tongue:


Knew it :3

They look nice, good job :merry:


Is there a list somewhere of what ores drop what salts? I know some of the tool tips in game mention what ores drop what, but only on salts I already have, not ones I haven’t found yet.