Getting tired of this error

Had this error on more then 1 occasion in my first forbiddencity build. Now i’m getting it in my second attemt to and it’s starting to ***** me of
Steps to reproduce:

  1. make 2 seperate structures
  2. connect the 2 structures
    3)see the error

Expected Results:
to be able to connect structures
Actual Results:
connecting with an error
First screen with no error and no connecting builds

Second screen connection between the builds and the error

develop-3023 (x64)(M)stonehearth/lib/player/territory.lua:89: attempt to call method ‘destroy’ (a nil value)stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘destroy’
stonehearth/lib/player/territory.lua:89: in function ‘remove_entity’
…nehearth/services/server/terrain/terrain_service.lua:161: in function <…nehearth/services/server/terrain/terrain_service.lua:149>
Version Number and Mods in use:
version 3023 game with debugtools
System Information:
i5 3,20ghz
win7 64bits
nvidia geforce 650gtx
16gig ddr3 memory

Yes, I’ve had that error. One build with two separate foundations and try to connect the roof etc. I’d get errors or the workers would only build certain parts of the building. (two of the four walls etc)

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Might sound a little aggressive there, maybe use…‘annoy me’?

thought stars was a nice idea, could say bug me but then again it is a bug so that would be a bit cheap :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have a save that shows this when loading and trying to connect the buildings? I might already have a fix, but wasn’t able to reproduce the error.

My relatively simple repro steps:

  • Create a simple building ( ~ 10x10 wood foundation, set of wood auto-walls, wood auto-roof). Attach a piece of road.
  • Exit designer, start designer. Place another chunk of road nearby, but not connected.
  • Save the level, then quit (either to main menu, or stonehearth entirely)
  • Load the level
  • Enter the designer, place a road that connects the two previous designs. This should yield the error.

The darker road is the segment I added after loading the level. The added road can overlap the pre-existing roads, or just fill the gap between.

It might not require all those steps, but that was my quick version that worked, both in a ‘running’ game and in a brand-new world.

Is that enough, or do you want the actual save too?

Edit - appending the save, since you did ask for it, and it’s your bandwidth >< . Load it up, and add the dark chunk from the screenshot. (4.2 MB)
(fwiw, the rar is only ~75% of the size, but the forums don’t consider .rar an acceptable attachment type)

Thanks! My environment had trouble reproducing this, but it is now fixed for the next build.

if you still need one tell me, i have the save on the exact spot from my pics, seeing i did not reload like Vyrasa and only saved and in combination autosaved the game. I does not happen everytime you want to connect a building, but i have had it like 15 times in my first forbiddencity try.

My fix was just to build the 2 parts and when it’s done build the missing block in between. With 2 completed structures i can make it into 1 structure. Not sure if that makes any sense