Gears are not picked up

Summary: When turrets are destroyed gears are not picked up, they are not loot-able or harvest-able.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a turret
  2. Let it be destroyed
  3. Gears pop out that no one picks up and are not loot-able

Expected Results: That they are either lootable or someone, especially perhaps a mechanic who needs gears to make a turret, comes over and picks up the gear.

Actual Results: The actual results is the items that fall are completely unusable and are actually just garbage polluting the ground no one wants or uses.

Notes: I’m not sure if this just a bug with my game or it’s common. I have 30 villagers, AI perhaps? Overall there should be a way to command a hearthling to pick up any item, period. Is this already in the game?

Attachments: Screenshot

Version Number and Mods in use: No mods, version 734

System Information:
Windows 10 Pro, fully updated
Gigabyte 760 GTX 4gig
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark II
Intel 4790k
16 gigs ram
striped ssds

Update! I refilled the engineer crafting queue and it saw the gears. Win! :slight_smile:


you also might need to loot them, like if an offensive class gets downed, they drop their equipment, but to get it back the game doesnt register it, so you have to loot it. the game reads it as an offensive thing, obviously, so it might work the same way.