Gardener's Trowel doesn't work for Rayya's children?

Version: Alpha 13
Steam version (Latest? as of 16th Dec 2015)
Kingdom: Rayya’s children

The problem:

A level 6 Rayya’s child Farmer who I wanted to promote to a gardener. Ended up duplicating gardener trowel entities and got stuck in a guardian statue. Tried to switch back to both farmer and worker and back to gardener. Duplication of Trowel and being stuck in a statue, again.

The image linked above shows my dear Bumba Vishan standing near some storage pots, with a few ghost towels around her. Each time I try to promote her back to a gardener she will spawn 6 ghost towels around her which my haulers then take into the stockpiles… It also shows the inventory of a ghost entity of a gardeners trowel. I noticed this first when I just saw the text “Promoting” being there for more than it should be. After a few switches back and forth the line doesn’t have grayed out boxes

Suprised solution, with a twist:

I’ve seen to fixed it, tried to get “Bumba Vishan” to become a Potter solved the stuck’ness… Now I just got:

(37 non-existed gardeners trowels in my stockpile - 37 I can’t neither get rid off, sell or use as they don’t exist but by a bug was created…)

Any ideas why this happens (I still want a gardener)?


This seems to be related to a mod…there is no “Gardener’s Trowel” in game, at least as far as I am aware. @moderators, any ideas?


@The_M’s settlement decor mod?


I don’t have any mods installed though. - Or how can I check if I have mods installed? #noobquestion

looking at the screenshot i can see that the trowel is indeed from the settlement decor mod… :confused:

and your problem appears like it may be the same as reported over on the mods thread,

edit: perhaps try doing a clean install of the game?


It indeed seems that I’ve installed a mod during another alpha, weird I haven’t recalled installing any mods. I guess this is resolved then haha.

Thank you o/


Yes this is definitely my mod, but an older version if you download the latest version you should be able to continue using it with alpha 13 without the gardener promotion bug appearing.