Gameplay improvments

I think the seasons will make the game better because with different season you will need different clothings, you will need to save food in winter and a lot of different stuff (and the game will look nicer :))

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Seasons are in progress :wink:

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:heart_eyes: i love it now

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Another one good think could be the fisherman or some new classes or even new clothings and weapons and armors because the game is very nice but it dont have so much gameplay

For this there are lots of mods :wink: just Check recentmods

If you have to put mods to make a game better it means the game is not good enough :frowning:

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If you put 1 or 2 even 4 is ok but if you have to put 25 monds because there isnt enough content :frowning:

If this is true… then Skyrim must be horrible. I have no less than 75 mods loaded for that game…

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@Alex_V You do realize that this game is still in Alpha, right? It is not finished yet. They are still working on fixing and upgrading basic systems.

I love playing SH in its current state, but the end design will be wondrous. :jubilant:

That being said, I don’t think there are even 15 current mods? There are some old ones that haven’t been updated in forever, and quite a few being developed now.

I only run 4, I think - other than trying the biome ones, they are pretty basic: containers, endpieces, patrol, and decor.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: thats right it must be horrible xD

Nonononono i sad i wrong i didnt mean to say is horrible with mods i’ve wanted to suggest what the game need and what i wanted to say is that will be better if you dont need mods for these because they will be implemented in the game

I’m going to question this. When @Tom was still around, it was talked about it, along with weather. But after the last couple dev streams, I got the feeling that it was taken off the table anymore.

Base game Skyrim is horrible, just like Fallout 4. Hense why the term “Mod it till it breaks” was founded, and you have people like myself and my friend Griff running 250+ mods.

Different people have different play-styles; mods allow you to alter the base-game into a direction of your preference - just because you prefer one thing over another it does not mean said thing has to be in the base-game :wink:

However, I do agree - seasons would add a lot to the world of Stonehearth. And so would more items etc.
But, as it has already been pointed out, the game is still in Alpha and a lot of content is still “missing” :slight_smile: