Game/Software Distribution - Champagne!


I don’t know how interested people are in this kind of stuff, but we were bored and are going to make it. It will be made as the only way to get pre-compiled games from us (Nanonical) but we provide source code for most of our projects! :smiley:

Eventually, we will allow for 3rd party distributors to use this as a distribution platform, but its not working properly yet! Sign up in this thread for the closed beta! :stuck_out_tongue:

Platforms: PC, Mac and Linux
Target Products: Open-source games and applications, but with full support for paid

What do you think? Is it worth our time? :smiley:

It sounds interesting.So it is a platform like Desura?

Yes :slight_smile: This is more focused on open-source and free games however.

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So a downloadable Kongregate?

It seems to have given you the wrong impression :stuck_out_tongue: Its supposed to be a centralized center for free and open-source software/games, but still be possible to have paid games on there. Everything will be built on the web, and we plan to have a client for Firefox OS available very early.

it sounds cool ill be glad to join