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Stonehearth Thailand Fanpage


Amazing :smiley:

If you or anyone you know wishes to get involved with a Thai translation of the game, head on over to here:


We(Thai translator) love to join your translator communication but we don’t know how to do that.
Could you please advise us how to.

and sorry for bad grammar


Hello Corona,

so far we don’t know exactly how the translation will work and if there will be a tool-based approach or not. The devs are still working out the details and hopefully will be able to share some details with us soon.

For the time being we are collecting a list of potential translators in the thread posted by Geoffers. I will include you for Thai if you don’t mind. Once we know how things are going to work everyone interested in helping with the translation can check that list for buddies.


welcome aboard @aksakan and @Corona! :smile:

your interest in translations are most appreciated… :+1:


Glad to be part of translators :smiley:


Thank you sir. We’ll do our best to sharing this game to thai people. :blush: