Game freezes when focusing


Game freezes when i click on a message, for example when one of my citizens level up, and i click on the message, it focuses on the character and my game freezes
Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:
That it wont happen
Actual Results:
My game freezes



Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods and alpha 21

System Information:
Intel i3 1.80 GHz
64 bit
Windows home 10
Ram: 4GB
Graphic card unknown

Welcome to the forum, @Neil_Vrolijk :slightly_smiling_face:

Does that happen on any new game? So any time you click on the messages that pop on the right of the screen your game freezes?

Could you upload your stonehearth.log after a freeze happens?
It should be inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

Ok, its not only when a message appears on the right, if i click on for example my carpenter, and the game wants to focus on the character, it freezes. It happens too with befrienden squirrels etc. I think it has to do with focussing. Because when for example the: a simple merchant wants to trade, message appears, it works perfectly fine

I cant find the stonehearth.log in the map Stonehearth. But i have the payed version from steam… weird

Oh, wait do you mean the textdocument?
I searches exactly for stonehearth.log but im dutch, so my computer said it as: stonehearth (tekstdocument)

Thanks for the help!

Yes, it’s that document. Could you upload it here? Just drag the file into the reply.

Also, can you verify the game cache on Steam? It’s weird that it’s just failing when focusing on characters.

Hmm, I dont understand, what do i have to do?
Send the screenshot again?
And how can i verify the game cache on steam?

Relyss is requesting you to reply to his comment.
While you got the “Reply Window” open, simply drag your text-file from your computer into the Reply Window and it will be included in your reponse. (there is also a Upload-button you can use within the Reply Window if you prefer this method)

This way, Relyss (and others) will be able to download the file to their computer and take a closer look at it :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks!, and about the cache on Steam?

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Just drag the whole file here in your reply (not a picture of the file):

Drag it and drop it into the reply window.

To verify the cache:

  • Right click Stonehearth in your Steam library
  • Select ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Local Files’ tab
  • Select ‘Verify intergrity of game files’
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Not the picture, the document :sweat_smile:

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stonehearth.log (833.4 KB)

I’m sorry, so bad at this stuff

And i did the cache thing on steam

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Don’t worry about it - we all take our first, stumbling steps at some point. :slight_smile:

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Haha, i just thought about my first minecraft world, old memories… first steps of every game etc. those are the best experiences

So the cache validation didn’t find any bad files? :thinking:

There are some errors in your log, but don’t seem related to the camera.

No, i had every file that i needed.
It was positive

The funny thing is that it just worked when i bought the game and played it inmeaditely. After 2/3 days this problem happened.

Guess i have to play another game till it’s fixed… This is frustrating. can’t play with it

If it was working at the beginning, could you try updating your graphic drivers: Intel® Driver and Support Assistant ?

Doesnt work…:persevere:

Anyone suggestions?

Have you got another option?