Game Crashes within seconds of starting a new world

For the last several updates (say from the last 3-4 weeks) the game has become unplayable. I will start a new world build a storage cut some trees maybe then the game will freeze and need to be ctr alt deleted.

my specs for my pc are:

2 x Radeon 6800


Have you upgraded your drivers? Also, if that doesn’t work, try uninstalling through Steam and installing again. This should work. If it doesn’t consult Radiant Entertainment through their email address, and ask for help there. The community should also be a big help too.


Yeah - double-check your drivers are up to date, and be sure to do a clean install of the game (ie uninstall the old SH and then make sure its files and folders are all gone too).

Beyond that… crash dump reports and further in-game testing is all I can really suggest :frowning: .