Game closes but still running

Hello, my game suddenly closes but keeps running in the background (I can hear the music).
Here’s the log and the save.

The main mods are AEC, smart crafter, auto-harvest, miner profession, Fisher job, combat dash.

Can you help me?

Smart crafter is not needed with ace becauseiqf is a part of it
Use taskmanager to force end the game processes

Thanks but ending the game doesn’t solve the problem.

I think it comes from a memory storage problem. Before loading my save, I have around 3000mb free on the ressource monitor, and when the game starts, I’m at 0mb and maybe that’s why the game closes? But still, I have 8gb of Ram and I have no problem running other games so I don’t really understand.

Please let me know if you guys have other ideas about it

Which mods are you using, a completelist please

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also, does it keep happening on exactly the same spot? or is it more an after x hours of playing it crashes sort of problem?

It looks like it crashed on a bad effect, maybe from a mod. They are using a bad reference link to a file that doesn’t exist in that folder:

Error: invalid file path 'stonehearth/data/horde/particles/lamp_bright.cubemitter.json'.
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I deactivated a few mods and it seems to have solved the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: