Funniest hearthling moment?

first off, not sure whether this belongs in general discussion or gameplay. so sorry if it pisses anyone off that this may or may not be in the wrong section

so the ai in this game tends to do wonky things occasionally. normally bad, but sometimes its just plain hilarious as they look retarded. I remember one time my hearthlings were building a dining hall. they just put the finishing touches up and one of my hearthlings decided to fall asleep on the roof. I guess he was trying to get a moon tan. the rest of my hearthlings thought they were amazing pranksters by removing the last ladder to get to the roof. needless to say, their antics really amazed the moon tanned hearthling and he just stood still on the roof in shock. he was so upset that his fellow friends would do such an audacious thing and decided to pout. he gave everyone the silent treatment and refused to move. His amazing amigos forgot about him and he died. no one really cared until about 7 days later when they thought that the stench of their friend became to gross as they ate under a roof that held up a dead decaying corpse. so they built a ladder to the roof and took his gravestoneā€¦placed his grave stone out on the edge of a meadow in the shade of a solitary large oak tree. 2 days later, zombies came from that meadow and killed everyone. THE END.

i hope you guys enjoyed the story, i tried to keep it entertaining. probably failed miserably. I am hoping you guys, the community, will respond and share your moments of hilarity at the game with us. Everyone can use a few laughs every now and then.