Fun 'AI' Issue Stories!

Now, with the release of Alpha 11, I’m quite sure most of you have come across the slew of AI issues. The, I’m going to pick this up and set this down, and not do what you told me to, Issues.

Yes, yes, we all know it’s a pain in the pixelated tuckus, but surely from these issues, some fun, silly, or amazing stories have come of this little issue. That is exactly what this thread is for, not to complain… well, not in the usual way at least~ Just a fun way to share a story, that many people will never get to experience once this problem is resolved.

I had one particular instance when my little Hearthlings decided it was the best time to… ‘bug out’. It was during a Goblin Raid. Not just any Goblin Raid, it was the mother of all Goblin Raids! He wanted to squash our heads! Well, that threat obviously didn’t phase my little town of Kenal, not in the least… Or maybe it did. As the Goblin Death Squad approached my town, my people decided the best Defense, would be to litter the ground with all their goods in attempts to slow down, halt, or possibly appease the Goblins on their war path! Constantly tossing their coveted harvested products, pieces of wood, crates, wooden fences, and heck, I swear I saw a but of Gold tossed out as well.

This botch of trickery didn’t phase the Goblins, they remained steady on their path of destruction, heading for the solitary exit gate my town possessed at the time, while the Gancey Brigade (I though it was a cute name, so sue me if I’m a bit vain.) stood valiantly in defense in the nearest pumpkin patch, despite my attempts at sending them out to meet the enemy. I can’t help but chuckle as I continue to watch as what seems like panic continue to unfold on my screen, items piling up in random places, just to be picked up, and tossed to the side again by the new bearer.

Deftly, I press the “Defend Town” button, and with the sound of trumpets coming from… from… Who sounds those trumpets? I guess that’s not important at this time, but as you’d have guessed, the town went abuzz with scrambling around, ready to defend the town… By doing the exact same thing. Items, everywhere. The Gancey Brigade, still at on break in the Pumpkin patch. A random Hearthling, gazing at the gate as the Goblins breach their amazing one gate defense. At this point, I do the only thing I can do. I save the game. Literally. Pressing Save Game, saved their lives. Once I reloaded, the town went insane, and destroyed the Goblin Forces, and began to clean up their horrible mess. The day was saved, thanks to the Save Game feature, bringing the Goblin Forces of Doom to their knees once more, and cleaning up the mess left in the fray.

Praise be to the Poyo Gods in the Sky!


I want more! More! :wink:

Well, one time I made a road 1 block wider than I wanted. So, I tried to erase the extra width in the building editor, despite the fact the hearthlings had already started to mine out the space. Apparently, hearthlings like 4-voxel-wide roads, so they protested against me by producing so many errors the game was unplayable!