Frequent error 500

I am frequently getting this error when i try to visit but not is any one else having this problem or is it just me?

its not just you… the forums are going through some “growing pains” right now, but the problem should be remedied in the near future… :wink:

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And by “growing pains,” you mean “several thousand people are here at any given moment hoping to get any shread of information about the game as soon as it is released.”

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hahaha… precisely… when radiant first setup the forums, it was (i believe) based on the traffic their blog was receiving… a couple hundred visitors per day…

at the time, the environment was more than capable of handling the load… then, Team Radiant became all Justin Beiber famous, and kazow!, virtual server meltdowns…

@SteveAdamo haha I remember them saying that on the countdown video whilst there was a little counter saying over 22,000 people had backed them, hehe major underestimated how awesome their idea is