Freestanding Columns?

So after Rayya’s Children built my first clay brick roof, I had this vision in my head of a sort of covered pavilion as a dining area. Four (or more) columns supporting a clay brick roof, all over a stone foundation.

However, I can’t figure out a good way to make freestanding columns; only walls. While that might look cool to some degree (and now I’m imagining a wall made up entirely of lattice windows, to create a neat pattern), I’d really like to make my original idea come to life.

Is there a means to create freestanding columns or ‘wall-less’ buildings?

With slabs… although you may not be able to use the roofing tool, but RC’s roofs are pretty simple to create with slabs. It is how I make quite a few of my awnings & porches… At least the RC style.

That is the only way I can think of. I see quite a few people even designing their roofs entirely of slabs. That makes for a custom roof. Can’t say much on the scaffolding that they use sometimes with that though… At least when I last did an awning of some kind that was sizable.

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