Freelance Qubicle Modellers?

So, a long time ago, I was a CS student, software developer, etc. (Now, like so many other PHD drop-outs, I write television…) But lately, I’ve really been bit hard by the programming bug again. Partly because the
third-party tools these days (Unity, Qubicle, Blender, etc) are just amazing…

I’m working on a hobby game - actually more of a simulation than a game - it’s a system that simulates
a free-for-all gunfight with weapons circa 1850 - think: the climax of Tombstone or an episode of Deadwood.
I’m using an incredibly complicated and realistic pen-and-paper rpg, Phoenix Command, as the
simulation ruleset and then using machine learning techniques (mostly evolutionary search) to develop a
decent set of tactical AI behaviors.

Basically, I throw a bunch of procedurally generated cowboys into a main street of a Wild West Town or inside
a brothel/casino/bar of said town. At first they basically behave randomly but over time they start to adopt
survival behaviors (like seeking cover, and taking time to aim, etc). I’ve gotten the system to the point where
some of the late-era gunfights are pretty epic.

Right now, the system has no graphical output but I’m at the point where I’d like to start rendering some of
these gunfights.

Thanks to Stonehearth, I’m really digging the look of Qubicle models. I have no artistic ability though, so
I looked for a freelancer with QC experience on sites like and Couldn’t find
a single person who had used QC before–

–but then I realized that there are dozens of talented artists with QC experience on these forums. So I
thought I’d try my luck here.

Anyone here interested in a small freelance job of using QC to model the elements I need to render these
gunfights? I’d pay hourly or a flat fee depending on what you preferred. I don’t need a ton of models but I’d
be happy to pay a fair price. I don’t want to egregiously overpay (as it’s just a hobby for-my-own-amusement
kind of thing) but I’m also not asking anyone to work for below their normal rate.

If you’re interested either reply here or PM and let me know what kind of hourly rate you’d want and point
me toward a couple of your models. Once I found someone, we could talk in more details about exactly
what I need modeled. (It’s roughly, a dozen objects, an outdoor terrain with buildings, and a single character
model with basic animations that can be skinned (by color is fine) to distinguish each instance from the others).


Maybe you also want to post your request in the official Forum of Minddesk to reach some more artist.


yeah, i have to see this in action… :smile:

good luck with your search, and keep us posted on your progress… :+1:

What kind of style are you looking for?
Like 16 bit? Or more detailed?

huh…sounds kind of cool…

What kind of style are you looking for?
Like 16 bit? Or more detailed?

Basically, the same style and level of detail we see in the modding forums here.
That doesn’t evoke 16bit to me, but it’s not super detailed either, is it? Or I
guess it does have a 16bit vibe now that I think about it… if you look at these
models straight on, yeah, they’re basically SNES sprites. Funny how different
they look in three dimensions.

The reason I’m looking to hire isn’t that I want it to be super professional looking -
I’d be thrilled with any of the models being posted in the forums - though I guess that’s
part of what is so appealing about QC, by it’s nature it levels the playing field a bit.
Makes nearly everything look professional. But if I I tried to do it myself, the combination
of unfamiliar tools and need for trial and error could easily take me 7-10X longer than it
does the average modder.

Worse comes to worse, I’ll either give up on QC and find someone to make me a more
traditional sprite sheet. Or I’ll bite the bullet and force myself to make them voxel by
voxel by voxel.