Free steam game Pid

For anyone who likes platformers. There is a limited amount of free steam keys of the game PID at bundle stars.

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thanks @Miturion! I might just (try to) grab a key, if I can access my steam account at work…

there’s nearly 14k keys remaining too!

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Thanks @Miturion! I think I might enjoy this game…

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Keys have been going up. There were an additional 10k by time I got to work, an hour later.

I played a little over lunch, and it’s pretty nice, the art style is fun, the music too. And the mechanics are certainly fun an interesting. ^^

Thanks for the heads up on this. :smiley:


interesting… well, given how many there are, i have hopes that i can still grab a key by the time i get home this evening (accessing Steam at work is … problematic)…