Fort Aviex in the works

I’ve recently started playing around with things to do with water and obviously 1 of the first things to come to mind was making a moat around a fort…
So I did, here’s Fort Aviex (still in the works)


oooh! keep updating as more gets done, as i would love to see what you can do :smile:

It will not be done. Sadly A villager died during the construction of the 2nd floor walls and I’ve lost motivation to finish it. :disappointed:

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thats too bad :disappointed: may they rest in peace.

It’s probably for the best. There were no Soviet flags in that fortress. They would have been crushed by the glorious might of the Red army sooner than later.

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I’m more curious to where you got that much water from to have your moat that deep?

The Great Dytherian Sea of course.
Obviously coming from the very narrow river seen at the bottom left :smile:

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I see that, but normally when you move water, it doesn’t level out that high. It drops a little based on the distance it’s crossing.

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