Footmen not wearing coifs

Greetings all!

We recently made a trade with some lovely folks that came through our pleasant Rayyan town of Kol Dyrenvo. We made our trade, and they gave us three fantastic iron coifs. Our Benevolent Overlord and Master felt a sense of satisfaction and pride as he stared at them, with the desert sun glinting off of their shining surfaces.

They would make a fine addition to our militia’s armory… yes, a fine addition indeed.

So, through various battles and struggles, through tough training and conditioning, our footmen attained a rank of ‘6’; their eyes also on the prize, of being the first to be able to claim one of the iron coifs as their own…

But alas; it seemed it was not to be. They attained level ‘6’, but as quickly as the feeling of coify desirousness came over them, it seemed to leave them, and our Benevolent Overlord and Master found that nobody cared to use these lovely coifs.

Our Benevolent Overlord and Master was not pleased. He began to wonder… Is the armor level of another piece of headgear better than these coifs? Is the desirability index of the coif lower than the index of another headgear; and if so, why would an iron coif require level 6, when an iron helmet only requires level 4?

Also; there is the question of why can you not select the coif, and see its defense rating?

So many questions…

If anybody has an answer, our Benevolent Overlord and Master ™ would appreciate some clarification.

Yours truly;
MoK :slight_smile:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get some coifs by trade or some other method.
  2. Get footmen to level 6

Expected Results:

  1. Footmen would rush to use the coifs, after attaining level 6; abandoning the inferior pre-level 6 headgear they had.

Actual Results:

  1. Got some coifs by trade, or some other method.
  2. Trained arduously to level 6, ignoring the travail and embracing the pain…
  3. Footmen did not seek out the lovely coifs.
  4. Did not profit.

If this question has been asked or addressed somewhere else, I humbly ask the Mods to move this or redirect it. Thank you.


Some lovely iron coifs.

A lovely level 6 footman, not even attempting to obtain said coif.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A16 R559 X64 / Vanilla

System Information:
i7 (3.8ghz), 8gb ddr5 ram, GTX 960, W7

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I think the coifs are a legacy items before alpha 16, they are still in the game but do not have the meta data for which type of Soldiers wears them. You used to be able to craft them now they are not part of the blacksmith recipes but are still in the merchant script. With the introduction of the new combat classes gear became class specific, I think the coif were not updated to reflect this and were probable intended to be removed (guess on my part).

I believe @sdee would know the answer to this.


awesome. Thanks @Geokhan for your reply!

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