Flying Rocks / Antigravity


When carving out a cavern, a layer of rock and ore doesnt’ fall to the ground as successive layers are excavated, but stays in place.

Steps to reproduce:

Not 100% certain, as most rocks did fall as expected as cavern was excavated. Only top layer in one section where I expanded the cavern didn’t.

Expected Results:

Gravity holds.

Actual Results:

Flying space rocks.


Let me know if y’all would like a save file and I’ll upload one.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Latest version, no mods.
System Information:

Win 7, i5 750, 8gig RAM

Any tips suggestions or work arounds short of building a ladder to each separate little block of ore appreciated.

hey there @Hieronymous,

sadly i dont have any tips on how to get them down, but i do notice that it was only the clay and stone that didnt fall, all the ore’s did… not sure who to page for this, so i’m going to page @sdee

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Well, some of that ore may have come from lower excavated layers – I had containers for ore as I dug but didn’t bother with gathering the clay and stone.Still, in a different area of the dig, everything fell:

there’s nothing on the ground by the containers because I could gather it all up there, and nothing in space either, because it all fell down. It’s only the section behind the stairs (seen distantly in this screenshot) that had flying rocks.

didnt see this part till just now, but if this persists on save/load then a save would definitely be helpful.

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There you go. It’s actually a pretty neat location. To see the flying rocks use the slice view at 84 meters.

I can’t even use the clear items out of world option because it drags to select and there’s no ground to drag across.


Well I was able to get this to happen as well, building a ladder up to one of the ores caused all the ore in the area to fall.


thanks, I tried that and the fix worked. More specifically building a ladder up causes all rocks within the 20x20 “tile” to fall.