Floor tearing when building floor only

I am using
Windows 7:
2.8 i7 intel
5100 iris intel video chip

When building the floor sometimes my minions will build the stone floor without removing the dirt floor. This causes issues because one they forget to remove the stone floor sometimes. And the floor artifacts start to tear.

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Has anyone else tried building a house in the mountain?

I also found if you build the floor first you cannot dig underneath. So dig underneath first.

I think the term used for the overlap / zigzag flickering / “tearing” is ‘Z-fighting

Can you give more details on how/when this happens? What is it in particular that causes it? Were you mining the area before building the floor? Did the floor plan extend from an area of ground to cover over a hole? etc.

Thanks for the report!

Let me try answering the questions.

I have no idea why ‘Z-fighting’ occurs

Nope mining before build floor means that you cannot build the floor.

I did not extend the floor plan over a hole but I did extend the floor plan over the ground that has been mined underneath.

For me this happens only when building floor.

Steps to reproduce
Mine Level 1
Mine Level 0 : directly beneath level 1 keeping floor intact
Click building.
Click build stone floor
Go to level one where you mined.
Build stone floor on that level.

Tearing does not happen every time, though sometimes when units are building units get lazy and don’t mine the ground before laying stone floor.
Then later units may or may not comeback to mine where the stone floor, and ground mix.

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Thanks for the update!