Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


Oh, no worries :smiley: I didn’t report it as a bug or anything, I just found it funny :merry:


Can I suggest a seperate cave mod? I think the concept is so cool and has so much potential.


That is the idea. But it will take time, I’m currently finishing other things.

To avoid my mod breaking the game when it gets updated in this next unstable, I updated it with a small fix. Only in Steam for now, as it is the only place where you have unstables.
Edit: the change I did worked, but there were more things changed that I didn’t knew about, I will fix it all soon.

But I shipped it with the ice fishing in it. So, if you guys are playing in the arctic biome, check the new fishing option. Is it strange? Unintuitive? Fine? Bugs?


So, I’ve just tried out Coconut Bombs for the first time. “I wonder how much damage they’ll do?”, I pondered as I placed a couple down in front of my turret line. A little bit later, two stray goblin wolves came to check them out…

I must say that my town’s defensive strategy has been revolutionised :jubilant: Honestly I’m tempted to place one near a local Black Cord crypt just to watch the fireworks.

You’ve done it again Bruno!


The mod doesn’t work with recent seasons update. It prevents crops from growing and farmers can’t plant anything new. Also the calendar is not advancing and the weather is gone, the traders don’t come, etc.
Also it generates an error when trying to start a new game, cause the seasons are missing.

After I add the seasons to the archipelago.json file, it looks like it’s mostly working ok, but the farmer still can’t plant new fields (already placed ones work ok).

I tried to find out more about that “get_crop_details” function but I failed since my knowledge of C++ is close to none…


This will be fixed in the next game release.


@BrunoSupremo, is it a known issue where the fishman’s dock won’t get placed?

I’ve put a ladder down into the deep water earlier, but the no one is placing the dock :glum:


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

For Stonehearth Beta!
Seasons. Landmarks. Ice Fishing.

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Seasons:
    Dry season, basically sunny most of the time. Wet season, almost non-stop rain. Hurricane season, really stormy weather, but no hurricanes included (yet)

  • Landmarks:
    From buried treasures to mountain springs and a few more things to come.

  • Updated Fisher:
    I can’t understand you guys. It is summer, you have a tropical islands mod, and yet, you are playing some bearded guys in the snow? If that is what you want…
    Ice fishing added. Only available in the snow biome (any kingdom).
    All its other recipes unlocked even if you are in a biome that does not offer the required ingredients (crabs, pearls), because it can all be bought from merchants now.

  • Templates reworked:

    Old unused templates recovered. Now using the new fence pieces.
    Small touch ups to all templates.

I hope you all like it and have fun!


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

For Stonehearth 1.0!
Fish Arrows, why not?

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fish Arrow:
    The fisher can now craft a “fish quiver” for the archer. Its arrows will make enemies lose courage. Because that is what happens when you are hit by a fish.
    The fisher also got a level 3 perk just to inform of his ability to cook.

  • New skins:
    Also reworked mob spawns, so these new animals and insects can spawn now.

  • Geomancer:
    Added one landmark recipe to the geomancer. So the mod is back again to have items added to all crafters.

  • Reworked main post:
    It was so cluttered with text and images and all sorts of unnecessary info and small details. Should be cleaner now.

I hope you all like it and have fun!


To celebrate 1.0 I’m playing this for the very first time at my own pace. :slight_smile: It’s been on my TODO list and I finally have a moment to get to it. First 5 min impressions:

So many little perfect touches!

  • the radio button icons on the seasons UI are super cute!
  • the map is really cute before it loads, and when it gets drawings on it after it does
  • adorable new templates
  • I love how the coconuts appear with straws already in them
  • Wallpaper is crabs and coconuts and you found the original wallpaper font. Good job!

This totem pole!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I love that phrase :joy:

Awesome update, as usual :3


You all hitting orcs with fish arrows and they start to question life and war with a face like a confused Ice Cube.



Steam Community :: Screenshot :: Fisher with a fishing dock set at a landmark(?) water feature will not stand on the dock, and the dock legs aren’t extended. Here’s a nice little screencap displaying an odd issue with the new stuff. My Northman fisher won’t stand on the dock when the dock is placed on a water feature of a neat landmark, nor did the dock’s legs extend down into the water fully. I’m not sure how much of this is considered an issue or rather just something that has to be suffered, but I thought I should let you know.
Love the fish arrows by the way, I just saw those recently and had a good laugh.


Oh well if none else gonna then I will…


Give me a minute I’ll go get my PC booted up and do so.


1533467371097.rar (3.1 MB)
This should be it. Grabbed from Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games
One thing I’ll mention is that it is a ‘landmark’ and it might be a moded one at that, although I’m not certain as I haven’t played the new game since it’s been updated. I installed “Kai Monkey’s “a few more landmarks” - Version 0.1” (Steam Workshop :: Kai Monkey’s “a few more landmarks” - Version 0.1) and it’s possible this is a landmark from that mod. Either way the water generated by those may not be “natural” water and thus the dock might not properly detect the depth, such is my theory anyway.


That’s a built in one, don’t try and blame me :yum:


I’ve been found!


Thanks @Naevera for the bug report. It is fixed now. Both here and in Steam

What happened was that once an ice fishing spot was used, its settings would copy over to the default docks, thus they would end with no legs and the fisher positioned wrong.
Two other small fixes that I had in my machine got in too.
The starting goblin that gives you a bucket, he should not appear now if you already have a fisher.
And the fisher got a better performance now that I removed one old unused (but active) a.i.


Awesome, glad to be of service! Do you think I’ll need to start a new save to see the changes? Or will it be fixed ingame when I load it? (Perhaps I simply need to pick up and place back down the docks.)
Of course I can just go find out by playing the game…But I think it’s a good question for anyone else reading to see as well.