Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


Great, thanks @BrunoSupremo :blush:!
Remember the diving gear model I made? Well it’s getting dusty on the shelf and I don’t think I’ll find a use for it…

Maybe you can use it as armor or something (can be found by the fisher, worn by an enemy, used in the campaign, etc.) It was inspired by the archipelago biome in the first place~

It also comes with it’s own weapons: a huge anchor and a harpoon launcher.


I love the archipelago mod. It’s fun to play so far. I like the additional trees and the cocolings. Will there be saplings for dranden, smalea and papaya trees? Right now I can farm only oak and palm trees.

I like the changes to the fisher and I love the fish rack, but I’ve noticed that my fisher can’t fish enough to even fill up 1 rack with fish. With the bobbers, you could influence how many fishes were caught.

Maybe it’s random and bad luck with my map or do berry bushes not generate?
Also, do you plan on adding support to the better storage mod? I looked how it’s done, but I’m no modder and I think I’ve got a knot in my brain from trying.


You have papaya instead :wink:


Damn, I hoped they were only rare. So no homesweethome recipe for the berry barrel. Good to now that i can stop looking for them, thanks for the info =)


made a mod to make this compatible with better storage mod. If you’d like I can post it :slight_smile: Just trying to learn modding for this game and use BS. BTW love the mod :slight_smile:

Unka Bean


Ehhh I would always first seek permission from the mods creator before tampering with it, or rather make a suggestion to them. It could be looked upon as something rude towards the creator, like you didn’t find their mod useful enough so you tampered with it. Like mentioned above where someone donated a model, you could donate a piece of code to help make the mod better that way if Bruno see’s it fit he could add it in.


Hi there Bruno, quick question if I may. When the fishing rack is full does it cause the fisher to stop fishing? I am having a spot adding raw fish to the stockpile. Will keep working on the BS part of this.


Yes, although I’m not sure if I’ll make them farmer crops or just regrow through dropped seeds. I will wait a little on that to see where the game will head and follow the standard.

I agree. Besides losing time doing other stuff, right now it takes 2 hours for one fish at level 1, getting faster with higher levels, taking 1 hour at max level. I changed it so it improve faster and resulted in the max level taking only 30 mins.

No, like in a desert it has different food sources.

Yes, like some other activities, fishing will not start if there would be no place to store the resulted item. Fish racks are not necessary, it is just an input container (has priority over others). Like any other non-edible meat, fish is stored in the cooking ingredients category, because, well, it is a cooking ingredient, not a food.


Still my favorite mod, time to build my beach house and go fishing.


since mods can now be put on the steam workshop: will this one be put there aswell?


I will launch it there before the full a24, just to get some traction on it, but my plan is to have only full stable and polished mods in the workshop, while here in the discourse I will keep the more experimental and unstable mods.


Ah, sounds like a smart plan. Saves on a lot of noise that way.


I`m sorry since this has probably been asked before and I expect a negative, but going to ask for my own piece of mind…

Is there any possibility to have the Fisher class as a standalone mod?
If not, just curious what the main issues against it are - “Not inclined to do so” being more than plenty, of course.


Nothing against but nothing in favor either.
The class on its own is pretty dull, its value is more for roleplaying than anything else. As such, I’m always trying to tie it to the biome to make it more interesting, like finding items in the water or shell collecting.
Outside the biome it feels the same as if it was just a class mod anyway.
And it is just easier to have one mod instead of two.

(Though with Steam I could simple make the biome auto install the class as a dependent mod, there would be no way to guarantee it would be both active, or that those not on steam would have both)


I’ll admit, my reasons for it hardly qualify as “good” ones - they’re largely between having the option for a fisher over a farmer for early food source, and for story reasons. Oh…and a slightly selfish one that technically is between story and concept.

The former draws from settling in forest areas where there’s water sources high in the mountains, meaning that I can nestle up there without being fussing about berry bushes and other sources of food in lieu of having to be where I can farm.
Which thus would also theoretically suit the Northern Alliance when they come in, especially on the theory that they likely favour the Arctic biome, which doesn’t strike me as place where the Farmer is going to be very useful, but a Fisher might be.

Which loops to the concept-from-story that is the basis of my selfish reason, though one I haven’t touched because anything I’ve managed with it so far really ends up taking from elements of your work; a [Frost] Jotun inspired race.
Based on one I’ve used in some stories of mine, drawing base from Norse mythos and Palladium’s multiverse, the surviving jotun tribes had a reliance on ice fishing for food in their cursed realm.
I briefly was toying with drawing from your Cliffs biome to make an incarnation of Jotunheim as a biome, and the race to go with it with a variant of your Fisher as a substitute of sorts for the Farmer (or a parent class to it).
…unsurprisingly, the best I got was directly clipping elements from your Cliffs biome and from Frostfeast, got discouraged, ruled it beyond my ability, put it back on the shelf. Nevermind trying to figure out a spear-fishing type animation…

But story aspect still weighs in around the same; I favour fishing and hunting over farming for many of my story setups, especially since I’m prone to using existing story characters for the name/appearance/role inspirations for my Hearthlings. I even started cobbling a personal mod to make Cook promote from your Fisher rather than the farmer to supplement it.

…but, well, I’m weird, everyone here should know that by now. So…end rambling wall of text, with my apologies


Oh Kittykat… hugs hugs hugs! :heartpulse:
I would play every single game with that race :slight_smile:


Been playing with the mod recently and enjoying it. Pretty things always get my vote! :wink:
One small thing I’m missing - the wood-only trees are dropping seeds, and the papaya trees have a seed recipe from the Herbalist, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of repopulating palm trees that have been chopped down? Unless I’ve just had shoddy luck with seed drops when clearing land, which is possible.


Those require a farmer :wink:

By the way guys, I did not explained it well, but this version here in forum is for a23 only, it has small errors in a24. The version in Steam had more work on it and is for a24.
When the game gets to full a24, this version here will be updated too.


judging from my current experience in race making: it should not be impossible to make a custom race, scaled larger then hearthlings, painted vaguely blue.
you would jsut have to up-scale ALL their stuff to the same degree.

the fishermen would scale along with everything else. … it would just use a fishing pole slightly too small for it XD

also @bruno, i know you dont want to split off the fisherman from the biome because of little content, but i think it would be nice to have a standalone, would you be ok with someone trying to make it a standalone if they can think up enough content?


…oh. For some reason I’d assumed the “palm saplings” available for farming were some vanilla palms (I’ve not played much in a pretty long time before getting back into the game relatively recently, so there being a vanilla palm sounded plausible to me), rather than the coconut palms. That’s entirely on me. XD Maybe call them “coconut palms” in the farming menu to make it clearer?