Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


on restarts it never would get outlined in green, i could craft all the sashimi i wanted but not get them to craft the pearl crate, now that you mention it i think there was a mod that modified crates, i’ll take a look and see if maybe that’s the problem, because when i started the new game they would craft, then i tweeked my mod list and that’s when the problem started.


I found a tiny bug: palm trees give oak logs when vanilla has palm logs (unused as palm trees don’t spawn in any biome by default).


I have some problems with the mod, i installed it and activate it in settings but it don’t save the activation and the mod is always disable :confused:. I’ve already tryed this mod in an older version and now that i reinstalled it, i really want to play with… please help me solve this problem.


There is no need to activate anything. All mods are active by default. You just need to paste the file into your mods folder and open the game after doing it. If you done that and the biome does not appear, than you have something else blocking it.

If you really need to, you can open the user_settings.json file (at your game folder) and edit the area about the archipelago mod, make it look like this:

		"archipelago_biome" : {
			"enabled" : true


So I must say I really like this biome. The visuals bother me a bit though.

First thing is the grass and rock colour. I’d make the grass and rocks more yellowish and darker.

Palm leaves are so long that they cover the coconuts and the ground, making the area look way too crowded. As I hate being groundless I made an attempt to modify the models a bit myself. Palm tree and starfish remodel: archipelago_remodel.smod (8.7 KB)

Shouldn’t the Archipelago have its own, more tropical herbs? Frostsnaps and Brightbells don’t suit it very well in my opinion. Orange and crimson flowers would seem more tropical. Iconic Fox Lily model is quite nice and fits Stonehearth style, I’d use it as a starting point.


Mod Updated

For Alpha 22.5!
New fisher perks, mobs, templates, balances and bug fixes.

:up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fisher class:
    Can now level up to level 6. (the max was 2 before)
    High level fishers now have perks that allows them to automatically fish (level 5) and harvest crab traps (level 6)
    Lowered the experience gain when crafting, raised the exp gain for fishing or harvesting pearls and crabs.

  • Mobs:
    screenshot 2017_08_27__13_27_40
    New: Octopus. Spawns randomly in the map (similar to Varanus spawning mechanics). Have close and ranged attacks.
    Cocolings will also spawn in the map (like entlings) to attack you from time to time.

  • New building template added:

    Tiki Bar: a communal area to eat and party.

  • Balances:
    Fish container selling price changed from 17 to 21 gold.
    Coconut container price changed from 24 to 21.
    Miranda will now also sell wood and stone in that first shop dialogue instead of just clay.
    Palm trees (and papaya trees) will now drop palm logs instead of oak logs.
    Market Stalls now sells fish, coconuts and pearls (these all are required to trade seeds) along the usual logs and stone.

Bug fixes:

  • Fish and its recipes were not being counted as meat food. Fixed.
  • Papaya was not considered a vegetarian food. Fixed.
  • Error pop-up from crab traps. Fixed.

I hope you all like it and have fun!
(This is a small update compared to previous versions because I have too many projects going on at the same time, the plan was to add a few more things in this, but I run out of time. New content will be delayed for a23)


Archipelago updates! Definitely gonna love the fisher updates automating fish collection. I’ve always tried to add fish to my hearthlings’ diet.

Question though, does the archipelago campaign end with the 2nd cocoling crate? I’ve yet to encouter another cocoling after.

Oh and I cant seem to get a crypt spawn, could just be me with my seed though. Probably trying to find a place to spawn but can’t.

Edit: Forgot to shout out my thanks for the updates. THAAAAAAAAANKS!


Yes, it is a little hard to make campaigns so I’m kinda delaying it to focus more on other things. Though cocolings will now spawn naturally in the map, like the mini golems.

Yep. I had only two in my map so far, at the same place. I guess it was the only spot it find to spawn. When my town expanded, it got closer to that area and it stopped spawning.


Absolutely amazing! Sorry everyone the update to my Signage mod will have to wait :wink:


I think the crabs/crab fishing might be crashing mah game i get an error related to the crabs then a minute or 3 later crashes. At the end of the log i have appended a copy of the error from in the game. stonehearth.log (314.0 KB)


:warning: :warning: Important Bug Fix :warning: :warning:

For Alpha 22.5!

:up: At the first post. :up:

Bug fixes:

  • Crab Traps were bugging the game, throwing error messages all the time. Fixed.

Sorry about that guys. I thought I had fixed it before, but now it is for sure.
Basically if you had many traps close together the crabs inside them would try to interact with neighboring traps. Thanks @Grynn for the bug report and your save file, it helped narrowing the problem.


Still say its pretty darned impressive you got to “crab pots are too close” from that vague error message and a save lol. Thanks for the update. Think i’ll restart just to be safe. NEW ADVENTURES!


Having a turtle shell shield would look really cool and would fit the whole ‘islander’ thing, although getting materials (the turtles are too cute to kill!) and choosing the class to work the materials (maybe the fisherman?) would probably be a bigger challenge than animating since you can copy the animation from other shields.
Just some random thoughts on the mod. Really loving it though!


Yes, I do not want them killed.
I’m thinking about add a turtle shield as a rare loot or campaign reward.


Having it as a campaign reward would make it interesting since players who normally wall themselves in (like me) but also want the item (also me) would have to go out and complete the campaigns. I personally can’t wait for an item like this!


The home sweet home mod Home sweet home (Version 2.3) 🏡 NEW UPDATE! requires vegetable soup to make the cooks workshop and thus is not attainable anymore because fish soup has replaced vegetable soup.


sorry, must be the outdated cooking and farming mod, I thought I deleted it because its unstable on 22.5 but it got back in somehow, most likely me being stupid and deleting the one in my downloads and not the one from my mods folder


Holy crap, this mod has gotten fifty thousand times more amazing since last I saw!


I also LOVE your octomonster! So cool!


hey hey any plans on the horizon for this mod??? additional campaign stuff maybe??? more monsters??? SAILING MAYBE!? granted the water physics in this game right now i don’t think would allow for functional boats but i’m sure you’ve thought about it :3


Yes, there is at least two stories planned for campaigns plus the basic tutorials/introductions.

None planned for now, although I have a lot of sketches floating around from brainstorms.
There was that seagull that some guys got to see sometime ago, but I have yet to implement it, because I want it flying around, not just walking.

A jellyfish mob maybe?

And a “king crab”, this is supposed to be giant, probably having someone else in his back, like a goblin
Or maybe something related to the fisher, like with the a potion created by the herbalist, he could apply it to the captured crabs to make them giant and make them join your military parties. (yep, a lot of crazy ideas)
There is also the usual mob reskins, like making all undead pirate themed, which for some reason I couldn’t get it to work yet. (I can’t remember why, will try again later)

I have something planned, not really good though. It is basically a teleport between two points. You make a dock, order a hearthling to go there, he jump in a little boat/canoe/raft/etc. Then you select another dock and click a “go here” button in its interface, making the boat teleport to this new dock, where you can unload your hearthling there.