Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome

It is just a new model, as a skin theme.

The only new mob planned so far is an electric jellyfish enemy, it is almost ready, just need animations (a.k.a. free time)


I had a question regarding the trees, when I make them in other biomes, they don’t produce fruit or milk, is that a bug or intended?

I don think the trees where ever coded to produce milk…
Fruit on the other had really depend on what trees you are talking about.

I think he means the coconut milk

I’m guessing that maybe your trees simple did not mature yet. Else, feel free to send me your save file and i will check what is wrong and fix it in the mod.

Hello, Bruno!

I am author of Russian Localization, and I was faced with some confusing thing…
When I enable this mod, “ACE” loading screen tips becomes English, but they are definitely translated via “ACE” manifest modifying. When I disable this mod, there is all right.
If you have thoughts about this weird magic, please tell me :sweat_smile:

What if you instead of adding to the ace manifest, added directly (from your main manifest) to the stonehearth, this line here:

		"stonehearth/locales/ru.json": "rus_lang/translations/mods/stonehearth_ace/ru_mixin.json"

from the mods/ace/manifest.json

That should be work, but I don’t want to spoil vanilla version. Some people playing without mods, and I modifying “ACE” manifest to avoid addition of new information in standard game.

Anyway, thank you for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Just tried… For some reason, that is not works, when “archipelago” enabled. The game crashes.
If mod disabled, there is all right and “ACE” tips are translated

Ah, I removed your mod from “dependencies”. Probably that is why game was crashed.
After fixing that, there is no error and tips are translated.
Unfortunately, that is not solution I looking for. I still want to divide vanilla and ACE translations from each other

it was probably changing the order mods load i guess. Archipelago usually loads first before any other mod. You really don’t need that dependency field in the manifest, that is usually for server code. But you could try to add ace there too, see if changes the order in a way that it works.

No, it had not helped. I could not fix this issue for now.
What is confusing is there is no mistakes with any other mod. Only “archipelago” disables “ACE” tips translation.

Anyway, thank you for help again

Just experimented with “archipelago” manifest, and after addition of “rus_lang” into “dependencies” all works as should.
I am not fully understand, how this mod interract with “ACE” and why my actions helped, but it works :thinking:

Just found raw food basket from debug tools, but it seems like nobody cant craft it. What it is used for?

It is spawned in a campaign. Debug will show you everything that has a name, and the majority is not craftable, don’t worry about it. Actually, the majority are not even items or visible.

patch_notes_button Mod Updated


Through Steam Workshop, or at the first post. :up:

Fish Pond, crafted and used by fisher

Raw fish drops from shark varanus
Removed bucket talisman from loadouts (not needed anymore)
Small compatibility check with Extra Map Options mod
Monkeys (from ace mod) can now spawn as critters in the map

Fixed fisher ignoring traps to work on other stuff first (priority issues)
Fixed ghost trees being used in crafting tables
Fixed stumps missing texts
Fixed tree ghost alignment position
Fixed ace fish trap limit bug
Fixed fish rack category in stockpiles


Is there a way to clear the smoking affect of the volcano?
I mined out the volcano but the smoke is still there :confused:

try dragging the destroy tool (next to harvest tools in the menu) on the area, i think that should do it. Building something over it may destroy it too, like a layer of blocks where it was.
The effect is attached to an invisible object that is right at the bottom center of the volcano.


it worked! thanks!
my volcano bugged out and spawned like 9 on top of each other, so the whole area was just grey for the longest time :’)

patch_notes_button Mod Updated

A small update to pick up on ACE new features


Through Steam Workshop, or at the first post. :up:

Fishing Net decoration (floor and wall variation)

Delayed starting tutorial dialog to happen only after the town has settled and picked a banner
Volcano smoke emitter is located inside a volcano and can be easily moved or destroyed by players
Hearthlings will avoid stepping on top of magma blocks

Changes for ACE:
Removed old ace fish trap recipe
Fisher can use fish traps like the trapper
Updated fisher firepit model and now using ace fuel system
Tiki Torches will give warm buffs for those around it
Magma from volcanos give warm buff
Palm trees are one of the new options for orchard farms while on the biome

(for ACE mod) Stumps can be auto removed
A bunch of objects hitboxes issues