Finished my Town Hall, but had bugs

So I finally managed to complete my town hall. This was after several tries and reloads.

You’ll notice what’s special about it is that it has a third story within a second story making up the bell tower. Unfortunately after completion, the hearthlings won’t remove the ladders. Not only that but it seems that when I put a roof on the second story, the system capped the hole for the third story on the bell tower with roofing (see screenshot below).

Sucks since now the third story isn’t accessible. Destroying the ladders using the console command results in a permanent error each time I load the save. Lemme know if I should upload my save somewhere.

Click for larger image
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Ctrl+shift+C, select that pesky part of roofing, and type ‘destroy’. Badabing badaboom no roof.


Sadly, that little piece of roofing, for what ever reason, is part of the big roof. So if you select it, it selects the whole second story roof.

In my testing I deleted all the ladders and the second story roof. I think the error is gone. Unfortunately there is no way to put the roof back on.

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Lovely town hall! Hm, we probably aren’t testing this kind of build rigorously enough. Will try to reproduce and make it easier when we next get back to building.