Finished building tagged as unfinished and causes object placement bug

Summary: Finished buildings all of sudden are tagged as unfinished again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Building finished
  2. ???
  3. Building goes back to unfinished
  4. “Move” placed objects (henceforth called Object A) to said building

Expected Results: Object A will be picked up by worker, brought to the building, and then placed down.

Actual Results: Worker instead picks up new object (Object B) from storage and place it down to the spot. Object A does not get picked up at all. If there’s no stock of said object in storage, nothing will happen and the silhouette of the object stays forever.

Notes: Sorry if this is already mentioned in bug report. Couldn’t find it.

Version Number and Mods in use: No mods, latest version (A18 R 656)


Thanks for the report @Haend_Velarius, I’ve also noticed odd move items issues with buildings (in my case roads) that sometimes have issues even when completed.

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Pertaining to this bug, mayhaps you be aware of a code of some sort to force said buildings to complete unto itself? It shall indubitably help if there is such a thing.

Just wanted to say i ran in to this a few times as well.

mainly buildings that for some reason goes back in to unfinished. not a clue what causes it.

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I think I may have found the issue:
Placing any prop/object (e.g. bed, chair, table) in a finished house will set it to unfinished.

This isn’t a big problem when it’s just something you have in stock, like a large crate.
What makes it annoying though, is that it also occurs when you try to move something within a building, and I don’t always have already placed items in stock.

Workaround: first let your villagers pick up the object you want to move, then place it when it’s picked up. In case of a chest: first empty it