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I am back from an extended break (partially thanks to the shock of no more fine items) and am asking for input as to how the recipes for some of my items should be. A23 did away with needing the simple item to craft a nicer one such as the comfy bed or chair. I was about to simply do away with the requirement to “upgrade” the item but thought I should make sure. It should also be noted that I have seen issues while playing where better quality items would simply not be used in building templates nor in recipes so there ample reason to simply change the way the hearthlings craft items from raw components. The FINE items will follow a similar recipe but will require the “magic ingredient”.

  • Require a base item to craft a better version.
  • Create the nicer version from raw materials.

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Still a bit too close. I actually thought it would be a lot more lopsided.


I will leave the poll open for a little bit longer but at this time I will probably be altering the recipes to no longer build on each other. It might be nice to be able to create an item from multiple different sets of ingredients. I’ll fiddle with that as well.


It would be really nice if we had a set of just the oak furniture as a lite pack.

As of now, while I deeply appreciate all the work put into this mod and most of its features, it does clutter up the carpenter screen quite a bit. I love the pavers, edgers, lightposts, and cooking counters, but I don’t particularly care for the different colored pieces, and all that feature does for me right now is take up valuable real-estate on the UI, especially since, (obv not your fault) Radiant updated all of their basic wood furnishings but the variants currently in the mod are modeled after legacy versions, which further reduces the incentive to produce pieces from the pine/acacia/juniper set. To update all of those pieces to fit the new aesthetic might take a lot of work. It would be great if us plebs that don’t use all the other woods to have a clean, clutter-free lite version of the mod while you update the other sets (if you plan to that is).

pretty please?


I do not like the fact that you need different types of wood.
This makes the selection too large and confusing.


@Kasarov This mod needs some updating but I am not sure I will ever make a lite version with just oak items. I would hazard a guess that others out there would prefer a lite version with only the wood furniture or some other part of the mod which would lead me to simply make a bunch of smaller mods which become nearly impossible to keep updated or organized. Admittedly the radical changes in A23 took me and some other modders by surprise. There is a bunch of content that will never make it into the game due to the way the new build deals with quality. I believe the intent for me is going to be to simply break from all the original content and add any wooden pieces that are missing to complete the sets but this won’t be for some time as I am working on one of my other mods at the moment.

I have been quietly waiting for an update to the crafting menu. Things like an option to see what you have materials to build and dependencies. It had also been brought up a while ago to enable more of a meta-data style of crafter window where you can pick from specific tags sort of like how Better Storage works. Not sure if that will ever make it into the game but it would assist in the clutter. Currently the only way to narrow down that window would be to type something in the search window which isn’t too gamer friendly.

I definitely appreciate the feedback however and look forward to additional discussions.

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@Lorki First I thank you for the comment but the initial intent of the mod was for a unique look to the wood being used. For the pine set you need pine wood so it is sort of a simple concept. As in real life people go out of their way to find specific types of wood. As part of a long goal for this mod I hopped to alter the price of both wood and finished pieces by the biome and scarcity of the wood used. Best I can offer you right now is if you do not like simply disable it.


Perhaps an odd suggestion, but;

Why not make each wood type have its own category in the carpenter’s crafting menu?

So for example:

  "Acacia": {
     "ordinal": 3001,
     "recipes": {
     -insert acacia recipes here-

  "Cactus": {
     "ordinal": 3002,
     "recipes": {
     -insert cactus recipes here-


That way they’re at least visually separate and less cluttered, since that’s the complaint


LOL that was actually how my mod was initially when it was just a little internal mod for me to play around with but it looked awkward mainly because at the time there were only a few things in each. I’ll play with it again and see.


If you feel the categories end up a little empty, you can make just a new one for all your mod items. That’s what I’m going to do with the cook if I end up adding more recipes, like a tropical recipes category. (the mod has 4, the main game has 9, so I’m already getting like 1/3 of the category)


Just a small modification to organize the wood recipes into their wood types. Hopefully this assists folks with the overwhelming number of items. Please let me know if this helps or not.


Different wood items poll! I have been fooling around with the look of the wooden items and am looking for feedback. Please feel free to leave comments as well.

  • Keep the wooden items as they are now and don’t add new ones. (Don’t move my cheese)
  • Keep the wooden items but add the new ones as artisan versions for a high level carpenter. (I need more stuff)
  • Change the existing wooden items out for the new ones. (The recipes are overwhelming just give me unique stuff)

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For some examples of what the newer ones look like.


I may have voted for “keep but add”, but I’d also be okay with “change”.

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I agree with @coasterspaul I voted for “keep but add”, but I’d be happy with “change” as well! Also, love love love the new models!!! :jubilant:


Honestly it is almost as easy to do either at this point. Just trying to gauge the desire to have more goodies. I should have caveated the poll with the fact that if they get added as artisan items the appeal would also go up considerably.

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I think that when a player uses mods like this, he is not after a specific item. He probably just wants more items in general, the whole collection. So I do not see a problem in increasing the amount.
(although I personally prefer simple replacing the old with new)

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@BrunoSupremo I agree in general. I already started doing a simple replace but saw a few folks that were using the existing models so I thought it best to grab a quick poll. Thank for the input as always. Going to leave the poll up for a while.

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Per the poll more stuff it is! Should be out in a few days.


Updated to add a few more items. Sorry for the delay but honestly you should blame team Radiant. Weather. Really all I have to say :stuck_out_tongue: I will probably upload them to the Steam Workshop this weekend…or maybe later today.


Hi @stonemonkey, just to let you know, the new categories are not translatable. And, yes, I’m translating this mod to traditional Chinese. :slight_smile: