Finery Mod v5.6 Jul 22 [A24+] - On Steam Workshop

I just thought it might change the speed. Like, maybe have it so that footmen and archers move faster? Maybe certain types of road can make certain hearthlings move differently?

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My bad. You put pavers and my brain read edgers. For all intents and purposes they are a rug for the roads. They are going to (and do a little bit now) add value to your town but I’m still figuring out the best way to do that as the sell price and town value are the same. I may just simply make none of them sellable like the single pavers and edgers are now.

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!!UPDATE!! - If you have a road, add pavers to it after build and you destroy the road it looks as if the pavers are destroyed along with it. I haven’t tried designing the road with pavers yet and then destroying it. I expect it would give you back the pavers but I also didn’t expect that the pavers would be destroyed with the road.

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Yesterday i made some trophies in my town ( i wanted to see if they could increase my profit by selling them). But i could not sell any of them to the vendor? The bases that you can make sells fine, but not the trophies.

The kobold hat lamps seem to be a very bad way to go… a kobold hat on its own sells for 35g but when adding a ingot and making it into a lamp it only sells for 23g or so? I guess the lamps are so ugly that the value decreases as you sell them? hehe :rofl: but… the text on the crafter UI says: What else would you use it for? erhmm selling them as is or even better, make them into gongs with the BS to increase the profit almost times three! Is this on purpose or simply just a lost thought in the process when coding?

Then i tried to place the trophies on the bases in a building, but there seem to be a placement issue? the placement box is shifted one block to the right of the model.

The wall hanging trophies works perfect and are my favourites! i would like one with a shield though :slight_smile: Would that be something you would think on implementing in the future?

This is one of my favourite mods and i want to thank you for the time you have put into this so far.


LOL most of that is intentional. I am probably going to bump up the price of the trophies significantly like 4 - 5x what selling each would be worth but still not going to allow them to be sold. The idea is that the trophies are there to add value to your town but not gold if you try and sell them. As I brought up in a different post I wish there was a built in way to separate out the two values (town value vs sell price) but I don’t think there is.

Also intentional although I probably should bump up the price. I can’t even tell you where I got the 23g from. They were “mostly” added as a joke. There are more that are coming that I think look better but they won’t make it into the game for a while.

I will have to look at that. I know when I was playing with them as soon as you placed the item on top of the stands it would shift the trophy’s collision box one square. I have no idea why this occurs yet but it is kind of annoying. It always seemed to be one block to the left for me though. I suppose it could simply be an orientation thing as well. I will play around to see why that happens.

Yes it is! Plus the armors themselves. I also plan on making ones in the Armis Maximus mod.


Just wanted to give a heads up for those that like fancy roads, here are some templates that may interest you…

Also I was wondering if you @stonemonkey were going to make more edgers that are round or maybe triangles?
I think triangles would allow some really crazy patterns. :wink:

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Those Edgers and Pavers looks awesome :slight_smile: gotta update my mod to latest

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Both the triangled (brick at a 45 degree angle) and rounded looked off in the voxel especially if you put 2 intersecting. I will probably mess with it some more as I have a few more paver / edger designs I want to try though. Just busy pulling everything back together as I lost a hard drive :frowning: .

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thats rough man, worth it to raid 1 your hard drives.
I have my os run off of an SSD and just use the HD for storage only. though these days it would be best to use a m.2 just remember if you are using windows to move your page file off of the SSD and onto the HDD I think the rule is give it about 50% more space than you have in RAM. so 16 GB RAM = 24 GB page file X 1024 = 24576 MB. also change the default location of folders. maybe this will help someones SSD last a few more years

for the rounded I just meant more like the round-ish stone ones you already have

glad to hear there are more edger types coming! :merry:

forgot to mention temp files

lol thanks. Yeah I now have 2 SSDs neither are in any raid configuration though. I let windows figure out how much swap it wants but I understand the issue with continuous writes. Oh yes the step stones are going to be in different colors. Still going to try rounding the edgers too though.

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I could also see people trying to do a modern thing and would probably like edgers with no gaps like concrete slabs. there is just so much you can do with roads and it really does reflect a lot about your town

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Updated to 4.7. All new items have been tested but please let me know if you find anything out of the norm. Top


I absolutely love the cabinets!!! :heart_eyes_cat: :heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Amazing as always @stonemonkey! You should be really proud :slight_smile:

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WHOA!!! Those cabinets are incredible! Thanks again for the amazing work @stonemonkey :jubilant:

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Thanks all. Glad you enjoy.

Update to branch the two versions in order to both add appeal to the entities as well as alter the “fine” items. Please let me know if something feels off with the appeal.

I don’t suppose there’s a lite version that doesnt require specific woods for the furniture? I appreciate the detail but I also prefer simplicity.

Nope sorry. The whole purpose was to force you to use the different woods which is where their coloring comes from. About every 3 days or so a lumberjack will stop by with woods you can buy.

I am back from an extended break (partially thanks to the shock of no more fine items) and am asking for input as to how the recipes for some of my items should be. A23 did away with needing the simple item to craft a nicer one such as the comfy bed or chair. I was about to simply do away with the requirement to “upgrade” the item but thought I should make sure. It should also be noted that I have seen issues while playing where better quality items would simply not be used in building templates nor in recipes so there ample reason to simply change the way the hearthlings craft items from raw components. The FINE items will follow a similar recipe but will require the “magic ingredient”.

  • Require a base item to craft a better version.
  • Create the nicer version from raw materials.

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