Feedback on Combat

I’d love to see archers implemented on both sides TBH, but it might just end up being a more brutish, heavily armed Goblin when your town reached like 30k net worth or something. I think i’d be happy either way.

All I’m saying is that the day where I can build a watchtower and place an archer or two in there will be a very happy day indeed.

In fact, I might even be kind and loving for once.


That’ll be the day. My heart still hurts from your last outburst.

But yes, an Archer Tower sounds like one of the most wonderful things that could happen at the moment… assuming we can keep the buggers up there with a defensive zone or something similar.


and baskets of berries for sustenance… we mustn’t forget the berries! :strawberry:


Well, we’ll still need that construction system upgrade before we can make an actual tower. But yes. It’s something I’m really looking forward to too.

But here’s the dreaded question…will archers have infinite arrows or have limited quivers? I suppose if you had stockpiles of quivers they could just pick up automatically, it’d work, but…

(I don’t want limited arrows…)

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Haha, something tells me we won’t be so lucky. Depending mostly on how lazy the programmers are.

Shifty eyes

I COULD go either way. Assuming you could have a “Weapon Rack” or something else that you could store arrows in on the tower. Then it would be similar to having infinite arrows if you were prepared enough. :slight_smile:

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I guess the finite arrows would make sense, being a city-builder–resources and supplies are a huge base component of the gameplay, so managing your provisions and not just machine-gunning your archers seems to be more in the atmosphere of the game…

But at least this would encourage the possibility of multiple arrow types and bonuses/perks–I’d love it as a way to give greater purpose to ranged units, if their ammunition does end up needing to be limited.

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I like the combat, but have a couple of suggestions.

  1. I noticed a bug that “leeches” my villagers. Basically goblins show up, my villagers attack them, but they never die, so they keep attacking. I have villagers hacking away at seemingly invincible goblins at this point. How can I help you see this bug to fix it?

  2. I echo the sentiment that I should be able to get other villagers to help my footman defeat baddies somehow. Otherwise it is just a meat grinder that my folks will continue to fall into.

That is basically it. Is there a formal way to submit bugs versus just discussing play?



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My comment:
Townie AI are idiots. Runs away from town.
Make it so regular townie AI runs to safety (other settlers) for protection.


What we need is to be able to add patrol paths for our footmen! That way we could send them where we need them and not rely on the AI to do it!

Also the goblin bug where they are stuck in the ground and just cant die needs to be fixed asap!

we need some control over how out villages are defended!


If you save and reload they become unstuck then you get swarmed with about double the amount :wink: but yeah, I agree.

Also. Micro in combat, such as being able to point/click the footmen.

combat formations, in some form or fashion, are likely going to be a “thing”… at some point…

vagueness ftw! :smile:


Something I’d like is to set “personalities” for groups when fighting, such as “defensive” or “aggressive”. Based on the style chosen, units would have different chances for blocking a hit or attacking more frequently (but more likely to be hit, due to carelessness). These two examples could be used as such:

Defensive–Hold out until reinforcements arrive! A swarm of enemies rushes a soldier away from your other troops. There’s too many to attempt fighting back safely, so just hold back until everyone else comes!

Aggressive–Push back the horde! A mass of weaker enemies is threatening to overtake your units. Since their attacks do little damage and they can’t take much of a hit individually, instructing your soldiers to not hold back will dispatch them faster, before they can start dealing some serious injuries!


I agree with devoderek. I feel like I had no control over the battle. A goblin started stealing my stuff, but all my villagers were on the other side of the building I built. I told them to go defend, but they didn’t do anything about the goblin and just sat there. It wasn’t until a second one showed up and a villager happened to wander near the cabin that he engaged in battle and another villager came to join him. See my video at 21:50:


One thing I would like to see possibly implemented soon are early-game non-lethal weapons.

This came up to me after watching last week’s playthrough, where they again mentioned the passive vs. aggressive event tree. Currently, this is only based on thieving goblins. The problem is that, aside from letting the goblins take all your stuff and terrify your villagers or wall off your entire area, there’s not much your settlement can do to passively resolve the situation.

That’s why I would like the ability to create/substitute basic non-lethal weapons for your footmen to use against this first threat. Particularly, a net crafted by the weaver seemed to be a viable possibility, as it could be produced and used by the current classes available so far. The footmen could additionally have a fight/capture behavior, where the latter would weaken the enemies to increase the chance of capture, Damage dealt to units might be more likely, since they’re trying to subdue the foe and can’t outright fight them as normal.

Perhaps all (or most) weapons could have a “non-lethal mode”? Such as the flat side of a sword, butt of a spear, back of a katana, blunt arrows, etc. The option to use either mode could be decided in a squad tactic for a group of soldiers.


I realy like your idea and think that it would be a great addition to stonehearth

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Taking the capturing of goblins further would be great! Maybe give us bars that we could put on windows and doors and we could make jails to put them in! They are murdering thief’s you know :smiley:

Would add a whole new layer into building a city!

Just a thought.

So, after a few worlds with goblins, here are my thoughts:

  1. too. many. goblins! I’ve been playing defensively. Meaning, I don’t go looking for trouble, nor do I turn a blind eye to trouble makers. But even then, I am still getting swarmed by gobs of mobs of goblings. I would understand this if I had actively hunted down goblins in the wild(if that were possible) but from simply defending what is my own? I think it’s a bit much. (I don’t mind being swarm, so long as it’s not this early in the game. I just don’t have the man power to fight this yet)

  2. I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but… goblin heads. Yes, that invincible goblin head in the ground bug. It traps my footman. I am forced to save/reload to get them unstuck, but some times that ends up killing my footman cuz they are now surrounded by gobs of goblins (hehe, gobs, hehehe)

  3. insufficient means of defense early on. I’m not saying my men can’t fight back. But I usually get attacked before I can set up a base of defenses. (the one lone goblin doesn’t count. I’m talking about what happens after I punish him for thievery) (also, as a side note, I think something is bugged with wall building. after reloading a save, my men got all lazy and don’t want to build my city wall anymore. :frowning: )

Over all, however, I really like the direction the game is headed in. Fine tuning and balance aside, I really enjoy it and can’t wait for more. And if you’d care to have them, I do have a few suggestions:

New combat buttons! Right now we just have defend, but that makes it extremely difficult to rescue citizens that are fighting the good fight too far away from the town center. So I propose 2 new buttons:

  1. Rally
    When you push this button, a menu pops up to select a citizen. Once a citizen has been selected, You will be prompted to confirm, doing so will sound the trumpet, and all available citizens will rush to the aid of the citizen selected. I feel that once added, this command will prove extremely useful. (no more pesky footmen chasing goblins only to die alone)

  2. Retreat
    Your footman travel too far that even with citizens rushing to his aid not get there in time? Signal the retreat! Better to live to fight another day than die fighting, am I right? With this command, all units will retreat to the town center, allowing for regrouping and the licking of wounds recently acquired on one’s posterior.


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Haha, I should have really elaborated on what I said.

Okay, the micro I was thinking is actually being able to move certain footmen, kind of like an RTS style game. it would be a ton easier to defend against goblins.
Because you have workers who get a bit to big for their boots and try taking on a horde of about 12 sigh

Rolled a 6/6/6 and made him a footman. 13 days the town lasted. 53 goblins killed. RIP Captian Boo (something burlyhands)