Feashrind's Creations

Hey guys, so I just got into using Qubicle so I’m no pro but I wanted to show off what I have been working on so far. Any critiquing or criticism is welcomed, I could really use the motivation.

The Cookie

I love food and what better way to show that than making voxel food. Now the thing that I hate about this cookie is the scale, I have no idea how to scale this stuff to Stonehearth scale and it kind of messes with my mind. If I were to redo this I would adjust the scale to be larger, not too large though cause I don’t want it to look liek a giant cookie waffle, and speaking of waffles.


Well that .gif is huge… Well other than that I was pretty pleased with this voxel creation. I didn’t do much to the underside seeing how you can’t really see it when it’s on a turntable .gif. If you haven’t noticed I like food, I really like food.

Cinnamon Roll/Cake?

Well when I made this my intention were to make a cinnamon roll and somehow it ended up looking like a cake. I kind of took a step bake (see what I did there?) and looked at it and said “Well I’m too far long now, mine as well keep going.” So I did. This monstrosity is my first creation sadly.

This concludes my work thus far. I appreciate you reading these quirky descriptions and these terribly rendered .gifs. Don’t worry though I will be back with more creations, and other such things that may tickle your interests. Til then leave your feedback, comments, and other informative judgmental dialogue below. Again, thank you.


Damn you and your tasty voxels! Now I need to go buy cinnamon rolls!

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Good job, and @EpicDwarf get me a cinnamon roll too!

I think that roll just needs some depth, it’s a little flat right now. It looks kind of like the top of the roll.
Omigosh it’s the cinnamon roll equivalent to muffin tops. @Feashrind I think you’ve just created the next big thing in sweets. :cake:

It’s nice work… however, I think the models are too detailed for what they are. Unless you’re planning on having only a few, large waffles/cookies/whatever, you should be trying to minimise the number of polygons the game needs to draw them. This is doubly true if they’re small objects you can’t see well anyway, or if they’re of only minor importance*. For example, Stonehearth’s trees are, in terms of detail, frankly rubbish. In terms of functionality (and artistic style, I should add), they’re excellent.

*Detailed models of, say, artefact quality swords for your squad of champion swordsmen to use are another matter, but cookies are just food.

looking good. I think the cookie is the best. square and small amount of voxels. Keep going. :thumbsup:

Nice! Maybe make a breakfast platter next? :smile: :cake:

Some of the latest stuff I’ve been working on.

I call it the snooper, it’s like a werewolf except more intelligent. I imagine that this beast would sneak around your city collecting your wealth items. I really wanted this to kind of have the tattered cloth that Master Chief has in the Halo 5 Guardians trailer, but I couldn’t figure it well. I also wanted a more of a curve in the chest but I also could not orchestrate that well.

Goblin Dagger!

Goblin Long Sword!

Goblin Glaves! I got the idea from Illidan Storrage’s Glaves

This is my goblin set I’m working on, just some basic ideas of weaponry really.

Finally my back pack idea! I think this would be really cool for the weaver to craft backpacks so your hearthlings have some sort of storage, food, blocks, or something else. What do you think?


i like the weapons and the backpack, show more the back of the backpack please.

you should make a taco lol

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