Farmers overlapping their tasks

i dont know if this is categorized as a bug, but for me it does…

my problem:
i have assigned a farmer, made a farming lot then my farmer start plowing then suddenly go away and pick up logs than drop it instantly, runs back to the farm and plow 3 or 4 times then go fakking run to pick up log and drop it instantly…

another 1 is one i have 2 or more farmers, why? because i have a huge farm lot… every time its harvest time they run to the farm lot and harvest anything that is mature, then when my farmer A successfully harvested 1 piece of the produce my farmer B who is currently harvesting will stop what he is doing and then go plant where farmer A has just harvested… i just read that it is intended and my opinion is ITS 100% STUPID… why? because it makes having 2 or more farmers basically useless, why? because instead of harvesting 1st all the crops in one 11x11 farm lot before replanting again, they just go waste time in harvesting together but actually only 1 farmer do the REAL harvesting and the others just ACT like theyre harvesting then instantly go REPLANT on the spot where the farmer finish harvesting 1st… its like a race and whoever harvest 1st the others will just go replant it… so stupid… i dont know what the developers are aiming to achieved from this kind of AI response…

as I am sure you are well aware, developing realistic AI in a game is a monumental undertaking… so many subtle variations and scenarios to account for…

as you’ve pointed out, the farming process needs to be fine tuned… that will of course happen over time and with the constructive feedback from this community… :wink:


I do agree that I don’t like the way the farmer works currently. I used to have a field for every edible crop alpha 10.5 in which one farmer was enough to manage 4 farms (11x11 each). With the current setup, he only does 2 farms. I does results that I get more crops from a field in the same period as the previous, but I prefer variety over quantity.

I think a farmer should be thinking in terms of fields. If a single field is empty, seed the entire field, even if a crop on another field becomes ripe, he/she should still finish seeding that field first. Then after that, he can go harvest that field, but only if all plants on that field are ready to be harvested (unless there is nothing for him to do anymore). He can only change tasks once an action/task on a field is complete.


yap… its like prioritizing things… if 1 lot is ready to harvest, go harvest it 1st then replant it all then go to another lot… but having multiple farmers at this point is futile… they just dont have TEAMWORK…

but i read from another post that IT WAS INTENTIONAL how the farmers are responding… also another one that really annoys me is that my farmers do things that workers should do, like picking up stones on mines and logs on trees, shouldnt they focus on farming alone? or better shouldnt farming their highest priority? i mean 1 of my farmer is currently planting some corns on field A and there’s pumpkins on field B that needs to be harvested but instead of doing what a farmer should do, he just go to the mine or a field full of logs to PICK IT UP then INSTANTLY DROP IT AGAIN, then run back to the farm field… dont you think thats quite stupid? i mean before ALPHA 11 they were doing great jobs(my farmer that is) even if i have 2 or more farmers they can coordinate with each other to plant and harvest on their own… like A will go harvest some corns and also B will harvest it, then they will both replant it at the same time minimizing the time needed to do the entire cycle…

[quote=“nimrod_adenir, post:5, topic:15746”]
but i read from another post that IT WAS INTENTIONAL how the farmers are responding…
[/quote]my apologies for the misunderstanding of what i meant in the other thread,

the teamwork for farming is intentional, but they way it currently is working isn’t really how the teamwork is supposed to be done, but the teamwork AI is still being worked on and has lots of kinks, like this one, that still have to be ironed out.

so if you could just be patient TR will address this problem, in fact AI and pathfinding are a big focus of A 12, so perhaps it will be fixed then. (no promises)


well at least you made it clear, because i thought it was actually intentional, but if it is not then theres no problem on my side… this is ALPHA after all, i sure hope i can participate on beta too

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well since you purchased it now you should get access to the beta when it is released.

unless you meant that your life might be busy by then, if that the case… well… i can’t help you much there :laughing:

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Hello all.

So what’s happening is this:

I have two farmers in my current set up, and when they have something to harvest they will both go to the same spot.

Farmer 1 will start harvesting a crop, and farmer 2 will start harvesting the next nearest crop.

Farmer 1 will finish his task about a second before farmer 2.

Farmer 1 will then push farmer 2 off of harvesting her crop, and start harvesting it himself instead, starting from scratch.

Farmer 2 will then move to the next crop and start harvesting.

Farmer 1 will finish his task…

Repeat endlessly.

So basically my farming is cutting its efficiency down about by half. It was bothering me for a while why some of my crops were dying before they could be harvested, so I cut my crop sizes down substantially. That’s when I noticed this happening, I watched this happen every time my farmers had crops to harvest.

Any ideas?

Thanks for poiting that thread out to me, jjjshab. Not sure how I missed it.

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Just trying to make it easier on the mods :wink:

As for suggestions, I find that one farmer per 2 plots (11x11) tends to work okay. So if you have six 11x11 plots, you would need 3 farmers.

Hope that helps!

Just wanted to note that the farmer issue is still present in this current testing build. My farmer was more interested in gathering wood and helping building a house instead of plowing his fields. I love the idea of the cook who helps with farming when all his duties are done, or a farmer who helps around town while waiting for his crops to grow. But I can imagine is a real monster to script out correctly.