Fallout Conversion

I know this is set pre-fallout 1 but maybe the new liberty robot used by the brotherhood of steel? I would love defying against that!


How do you do these things… Lots of coffe? Or just awesomenes? I’m going the second one you are a huge brain with a body I love you… :heart_eyes:

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@Roughshod The reason I have created the cow model was that it was confirmed that there will be no cows in, that’s true. However, it seems like there will be animals of similar size in the game (like Llamas), so you might be able to simply exchange the “skin”.

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Ewwwwww, would that require the taxidermist class or the vivisectionist?


… the famous qubiclist :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Thanks for the complement :slight_smile: Honestly I just [downloaded Qubicle][1] a month ago (more like 1.5 months now) and made a few terrible looking plants. Later I downloaded @voxel_pirate’s [template guy (link here)][2] and tried to see if I could recolor the clothing to match a vault dweller. Things went on from there.

You should try it out! It seems like a lot, but really it is only a few small steps repeated over and over. Somethings work out and I post them, somethings don’t work and I hide them under the floorboards keep them aside in case inspiration hits me later.

Everyone should at least give it a poke or two, it’s free and you never know what you can make until you start. I use a mix of my own stuff as well as other shared files here (make sure you give credit to those who helped you!!) and then later I plan to upload them for other people to work on as well. It’s sort of a qubicle-cycle-of-life, the more people adding the better it gets.
[1]: http://www.minddesk.com/downloads.php
[2]: Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle


I shall seems intresting because i suck at qubicle XD

impressive… i wish i could spend more time tooling around in qubicle, as i do love pretending im a artist (of sorts)… :wink:

nope… walking away from this one… too easy

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Just made a diay, Check it out! Here

sees the mod and all screen shots so far

:notes:I don’t want to set the forums on fire​:notes:
:notes:I just want to make a mod in stone hearth!:notes:


Gosh darn.

This was the exact mod I had in mind when I first decided to start learning how to mod.

Well, I’m glad it’s getting done, hopefully I’ll be able to help on it at some point.


welcome aboard @Doc! :smile:

i’m sure any help or feedback on the mod would be most appreciated… you certainly seem like someone who might have a fair amount of fallout knowledge… :wink:


This smaller mutant sounds like the Troglodytes encountered in The Pitt (DLC for FO3), or, it could be Centaurs which have been in all the games from Fallout to FONV

Neither of them use weapons though.

There is the option to have lower level mobs be like Radscorpions (Have appeared in all games), mutant ants, etc.

Plenty of weak mobs that can be used starting out.

Also, are you exclusively sticking to the original 3 Fallout for weapons, art, etc? I feel some of the changes made in FO3 and NV have been improvements, particularly with the laser rifle.

It may also be a good idea to include a random setting from a list of possible ones for the vault, related to the typical social experiments that were run in the vaults. This could change the starting resources, starting level of some survivalists, starting classes available to the player, etc.


How bout different super mutant variants? We already know super mutants continue to grow and sometimes reach tremendous size and power (Super Mutant Behemoth) and they have began evolving in New Vegas.


There’s a Roman civ mod being worked on already by @Moe2212. If he agrees you could likely borrow many of his assets and redecorate them to include Caesar’s Legion in the mod.

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Glad to see new interested people :slight_smile: I had planned to work on this more when the first few builds come out. Mainly so I can see how the code worked and how the idea could fit into it, but also to see what assets they can make and that I can use / change. No point in me reinventing the wheel if I can do other things :smile:

True, I also think this would make a fun set of modules for the player to discover. I’d personally like to start out with a generic vault, then let the expeditions go out and discover all those wacky vaults plus all the ones we can dream up. But it can go either way once the mod ball gets rolling.

I tend to start with the classic 1 & 2, then use the new 1st person fallouts when necessary. But I’m cool with whatever looks good.

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So, Roughshod any updates! :wink:

Nothing much lately no :slight_smile: sorry. Too busy elsewhere, plus its so far away from the game release its hard to be go go go on it. Still here thou!

Cool! Fillerletterstomakemypost20letterslongtofittherequirmentyayhappy

Oh man… This popped into my head the other day, didn’t know it had already been thought up. I’d love to see a vault-building (expanding?) fallout mod in action!

Some ideas if this ever kicks off - gunsmith class that can build progressively more kick-ass guns as he levels, another class that can salvage busted power armor and refurbish it, scavenger class that scouts out ruins for food/ammunition/supplies, raiders driving in Mad Max style and looting your stuff… fat man craters!! (c’mon, you know you wanna see it!)

Please keep us updated on this!