Extreme performance drop

Performance drops to non-playable levels (even moving the camera or selecting hearthlings is almost impossible and takes several minutes to take effect). It happened just after getting back my new geomancer from the bunny questline (cheated using the storyline browser to instantly finish the waiting period). The performance stays nonexistant on reloading the savegame, restarting pc, and trying again another day. When the game is paused, the bar below says close to 100% idle, my laptop’s task manager says consistent 100 gpu load by stonehearth. was related to the pausing at the moment lights came on

Steps to reproduce:

  1. (alternatively, load attached savegame, performance drops happen directly after loading)

  2. pause game at the exact moment the lights in the game come on

  3. performance issues due to the large amount of particle effects being pressent

  4. unpauseing and waiting a couple of minutes for the unpause to take effect

  5. no more performance issues

Expected Results:
Not more lag than before getting the geomancer
Actual Results:
everything freezes, reacts slowly, moving camera is extremely delayed after giving input

stonehearth.log (32.0 KB)

1531004833768.zip (9.3 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
version: unstable 870

  • artis - Beta
  • Autoharvest mod
  • Ballista turret
  • box command tool
  • fortify
  • home sweet home
  • patrol points
  • specialized loadouts
  • radiant core, stonehearth, northern alliance, rayyas children

Graphics settings
Using alternative renderer
Everything as low as possible

System Information:
windows 10
cpu: intel core i7-3610QM @2.3 GHz
graphics card: NVidia quadro K1000M
RAM: 24 Gb

Never mind. Somehow I managed the game to pause between all light coming on, and the particle effects being suppressed. Having waited for ± 10 minutes for the resume button to take effect resolved the extreme lag.

I’ve had a MASSIVE performance increase. Did you notice the decrease only after the questline? How was it beforehand?

if you had massive Lua Issues (Bar 40-80% full cyan blue for a long period of time)
then it sounds alot like the issue i have on occasion too.

@Jade_Elizabeth And to awnser your question aswell, i had these issues way be4 the Geomancer questline.