Extra-city Gameplay

Was thinking about the quest/events question in the Carpenter’s Workshop livestream, and this kind of ties in with some other similar questions/topics here, but it would seem the ideal solution to this whole concept of gameplay outside the city would be to not limit the player. Pay no specific attention to the issue at all, as far as advancing or restricting it. It would maintain focus on a single city to some extent but without limiting factors a player who was moderately determined could still simply give commands to soldiers in a quest/exploration scenario or builders for other cities/outposts. They would just have to remember where they placed their units.

first, welcome aboard @Draglide12:smile:

as to your post… if i am reading that correctly, you’re simply saying quests could be implemented that the player simply sends units off to complete, sort of… “off camera”?

Give them move orders, let them head out while you manage your city and maybe just check on them. If you want you could watch them a bunch and just kind of idle your city in the background while you focus on your away units, like settlers/scouts early on in Civilization.

right, well… i believe that’s basically the existing intent… you will be able to manage all aspects of your city, as well as "pan around’ the landscape, and send some units here, and some there… the focus is of course on your city, so most quests would come to you, but there will certainly be a level of adventure outside the city walls as well…

i think the latter scenario you mention seems more interesting, in that you get certain things squared away in the city (queue up crafting X items, queue up building X structures, etc.), and then head out for a bit of light exploring with some of your more hearty units… :smile:

@Tom also mentioned in one of the live streams (can’t remember which, possibly the last one) using a system of simultaneous time. When you send a group off to complete a quest time stops in your town, when the quest is complete you go back to your town and time resumes from when you left. The villagers you sent will be gone for the amount of time it took you to complete the quest and return, after that time they show up at your village again. He didn’t say this was for sure what they were going to do but something that they were thinking about. Personally I think It’s an excellent solution. Since they talk about the map having continents it would be nice to do some exploring without having to manage your town at the same time.

What I want to know is if I can have a foating town that kinda drifts around some times might wash up on a shore some where and I could send my guys off to resupply for a while then come back to the town and start drifting around again and the cycle repeats itself, of course this all depends on how they handle water physics

I think you mean … a boat.

Or … [urlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noah’s_Island]this[/url].