Expanded Classes and Crime

I’m really enjoying stonehearth at the moment, it’s a very interesting game, and I can’t wait until the full release (or even Beta)! Since the game is in Alpha, I thought this would be a good chance to give my thoughts on what could be added to the game. Most of my suggestions are relevant to the title, others are small additions to the game I think would spice the game up a bit.

Here goes!


  • The Town Guard: This would be more of a class that you would probably start using Early-Mid game onwards. The Town Guard would function similarly to the Footman, except with more defensive priorities, and with the feature of military campaigns in production, this would be a nice addition so that while you’re out fighting Goblins and Golems, you are able to have a Home Defence that won’t be dragged away when you select squads of men. The Guard would be able to equip any type of Weapon making them highly useful during a siege,also, in their offhand, they would hold a lantarn/torch/bug lantern, whatever you give them. The Town Guard, unlike the Footman, is not controlled, and will automatically patrol your town, or can be made to patrol custom routs, they can also detect enemies from further away, making defending civilians less of a chore. However, the Town Guard’s main use is preventing crime (More on that later), depending on their level, Town Guards would be able to track down Criminals. Also, their ability to track criminals could be improved by pets (Again, more on that later)

  • The Ranger: A late game Military unit, with the ability to craft various arrows and small weapons, they would require a hearthling to become both level 2 Archer, and level 2 Trapper. The ranger would be an excellent scout in military campaigns. They would be excellent at hiding from the enemy, perhaps while still they would enter a form of camouflage, or keeping with the ‘Ranger’ theme, maybe able to jump from tree to tree and shoot unseen by enemy hearthlings, and ignored by usually hostile wildlife. While in the town, the ranger would have their own workbench, they would be able to create poison arrows from arrows and ‘bad’ berries (25% chance of occurring instead of normal berries and would appear red), they would deal damage over time to flesh based creatures, reusable rope arrows which would allow the ranger to scale walls and hills, and fire arrows which, well, burn stuff.

  • The Flag-maker (Or however you want to call it!): Pretty self explanatory, They make flags! Well actually a bit more than that. Yes the flag-maker makes flags which you can put along your castle ramparts and on ever corner of every building, but also, upon unlocking the flag-maker, you would be given the option to create your House/Family/Town Sigil, from that moment onwards, the Flag-maker would go around painting flags your colours, as well as shields and armour. Also, flags would provide a small morale (whenever that comes into play) boost for your soldiers, helping them eventually win the battle!

  • The Royal Blacksmith: This is more of an Idea than a suggestion, so just keep in mind that I know it could mess with the balance of the game and god knows what else. The Royal Blacksmith would allow you to make your own Weapons and armour from an engine inside the game, building it pixel by pixel, or by pre-made elements. you would be able to select the materials, colours, shapes, sizes (to an extent) and type of weapon or armour it would be. The time it would take to build a weapon or armour piece would take a long time, perhaps days.

  • The Captain (Or Lord, Or Baron etc): Your own special unit, right off the bat (Or endgame). The Captain would be your average unit during the early game, but as they level up, they gain special abilities which buff the units around them(With increased damage, defence, etc), and can rally fleeing soldiers (Not all of them ofc). They hit harder and can take more hits than any other soldier, and when defeated in combat, they become unavailable for a while, and spawning under the grace of… What god is it again?

  • The Monk: The monk has a couple of uses, and this class could be divided up into smaller classes but I’m gonna go for it anyway. The monk would be able to firstly brew beer and wine, secondly would be able to research things (If that’s going to be feature?) and lastly able to conduct ceremonies and masses and funerals etc. Okay? Done then.

  • The Crossbowman: Evolution from the Archer, guess what they have as a weapon, that’s right! A crossbow! Also the Crossbowman is highly inaccurate while in the lower levels and takes a long time to reload, but with the right Crossbow reloading mechanism (Pull levers and Push levers, separate items?) and the right amount of training the crossbowman is deadly when in combat. Also, maybe The Crossbowman can wear a kite shield, so when they reload, they can turn around and take cover from enemy fire.

  • The Siege Engineer: A class that requires the hearthling to be experienced both as an engineer and a footman. This class will act as a standard engineer with combat options in the town, but in the battlefield The Siege Engineer really shines. The Siege engineer will be able to create mobile objects such as a Large battering ram for gates, a small hand ram for doors, Catapults, Trebuchets, Temporary barricades, tents (Cause the construction might last a while you know?) etc.

  • The Beast Tamer: Okay, I saw the kickstarter image, I know there’s gonna be a “Beastmaster” later in the game, but here’s my thoughts. The Beast Tamer should be a military unit, and can attach animals to other hearthlings (Not literally, that’s just weird). Before you capture an animal, you should have a choice, whether to simply tame, or to capture and tame. Simply to tame is pretty simple, you can attempt to tame an animal (More dangerous <-> less percentage to tame successfully) or you can capture the animal with a net and stick them in a cage and tame them there, however, taming chances decrease drastically when captured first.

  • Tavern keeper: The Tavern keeper has a simple job, to maintain your Tavern, and sell beer, food and rooms to travellers, to earn money if you will. Also, while attracting other Hearthlings to your tavern, the Tavern Keeper can tell you about quests or knights/people travelling by that may have information about the local area or things they are looking for, in exchange for rewards of course!

A system I’d like to see later in the game, perhaps around the 25 Hearthlings mark would be a Crime system, where people start to do bad things. During Hearthlings’ free time, they might do some evil stuff. So let’s say when you see a Hearthling sleeping at night in their house, it’s not that they ARE sleeping, it’s that they might be sleeping, it’s just that your Town Guards (As explained above) Can’t see them. So during the night they can do simple stuff like steal some extra food, or grab a weapon, or attack someone because they don’t like them. After that an event will pop up saying “Someone has…!” If the crime goes unchallenged the town will receive a moral loss, otherwise, the Town Guards can follow footsteps, or have pets trace the criminal (Wolfs, foxes etc), if the suspect is found, they can be locked in their room for a day or in a jail or whatever afterwards. You will receive a random gift from the Town and a moral boost as well! Idk, seems like a cool idea?

Anyway thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


These are classes that just pop into mind sometimes, I might add more classes whenever!:

  • Sawmiller: A sawmiller can make planks out of logs, 2-4 planks for every log. A Benefit of this would be that creating walls and furniture out of planks instead of logs would have much higher quality and would cost less in general (Eg. Say 1 log=4 planks, instead of building a rough chair out of 1 log, create an actual decent one out of 2 planks! 2 for the price of 1!)

  • Stonecutter: Exact same as the Sawmiller, except creates Cut Stone out of rocks and boulders.

  • The Alchemist: Creates ways to help your Kingdom thrive, such as discovering the Sawmiller and Stonecutter, perhaps finding “Mining Acid” to get two ‘Pure’ ores out of one, effectively doubling resource output. Maybe other things like gunpowder to create more dangerous weapons like muskets and cannons, or being able to actually turn lead into gold, or maybe having the ability to create fertiliser out of… well, other things.

  • The Forester: Much like the farmer, except specialising in all sorts of trees. The Forester is an expert in cutting trees, meaning you gain more logs per tree, more than the average worker gives you, and after cutting it, they replant the tree, unless told not to. They also have the ability to make orchards, which may contain apple trees, pear trees etc which can later be harvested by farmers. The forester can also plant common trees as decoration, and trim the leaves so you can make your own gardens. Also, while cutting trees, the forester may find a magic sapling, which can be planted to grow trees which may give out buffs (Which grow stronger with tree age) and may grow special fruit.


yes. maybe the monk can “pray” to get a new captain. there should also be a tavern room to be zoned like the farms except inside a building. love the royal blacksmith withe the ability to create our own armor/weapons.

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Sounds like some good mod ideas