EVO 2013 Tournament

I would just like to congratulate @Tom and @Ponder on the tournament and it’s record viewership! It was highly entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it that I watched. Good job guys, and keep it up!


The amount of hype this year just blew my mind. I passed out right after the SSF4AE Grand Finals because I had no more energy from having a hype overdose.

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seconded… while i havent seen any footage yet, i have heard from folks who said it was pretty stellar… :smile:

I heard there was some controversy at the tournament because they brought up the Xbox One and on the the games it was going to be on. There was large jeers from the crowd and people didn’t want to see it. Though I could be (and hopefully) wrong.

no, i heard the same rumor as well (from bluesnews)…

but on a positive note, here’s a great article on the event, from a participants perspective… very informative, as i wasnt aware just how massive the fighting game crowd really was… i even learned of one of @Tom’s nicks… :smile:

Tom “inkblot” Cannon