Error with Tall Townhouse Template



When building the Tall Townhouse, the “troubled blocks are highlighted in red” message appears, and the building is cancelled.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to templates
  2. Select and place down tall townhouse
  3. Click build

Expected Results:
The tall townhouse to queue up and build
Actual Results:
The tall townhouse has an error message and is unable to be built


Version Number and Mods in use:
Build R874, no mods.
System Information:


Ouch, is this the ascendancy’s tier 2 townhouse? Can you send us a picture of the red blocks?


Correct, it is the ascendancy’s. Unfortunately I can’t exactly see the red blocks, as the moment I click build, the error message pops up and reverts back to before I actually queue the building. Even on building vision and x-ray mode, I cannot see the red blocks.


Ooof, thanks for reporting this. Will look into it!


@sdee Sure thing, I’ll report a few more bugs when I’m able to post again as well! Thanks for keeping up with the community feedback, it’s great to see!


@jamiltron, FYI, maybe some recent fixture dependency thing?


Somehow there was a duplicate window in the exact same location as another window. This is fixed for next release.

Thanks for the report!