Entities with navmesh on top (e.g. bridge parts)?

I was wondering whether it was possible to make entities with navmesh on top of them, like bridge parts (I’ve seen some Blender renders of marvellous wooden bridges and terrace parts, we really need these), and if it was possible to make these switchable so we can get a functional drawbridge.

I’m not going to say no, as someone who’s better at modding than I am probably knows something I don’t. That being said, when I was making my ceiling lamps, anytime I’d add a hitbox to them, once the game placed them, gravity would kick in and they’d fall to the ground. Removing the hitbox from them kept them in the air.

The gravity bit can be turned on/off via property on the mob component IIRC. I know Zulser had it disabled for the moving entity container, because the normal gravity didn’t work properly/at all. I had to do the gravity myself.

As for the navmesh, I’m not sure if this poses an issue or not. Technically, they walk fine over tables/rails/what not (or at least used to, this was before the one big pathfinding overhaul which shouldn’t have touched that thing), so I assume that this also counts as “ground”.

If I’m not mistaken, buildings are also “just” entities that are placed in the world (i.e. buildings are real entities, not just colored terrain blocks), so if you can build a bridge with them, then any entity should do. Theoretically.

Getting the drawbridge to flip could be a bit more difficult, however. I vaguely remember some pathfinding issues with the train (where hearthlings went onto the waggon, which was a moving entity too)… but I think those were more related to the stockpile component if anything.

Only one way to find out: Make a simple entity, place it in the world over a gorge, see what happens. In the worst case, you might need to create artificial walls at the end of each drawbridge should the pathfinding not update properly (e.g. should it not “see” the removed hitbox), but I think it should work.