Enlarging the Defense Banner Area to your own needs

In the newest update, you now introduced that your soldiers can eat/sleep, which is a great thing. But what hasn’t changed is the defense range. Enemies need to come very close in order for your soldiers to get active.

What I would like to propose is, that the player can define the range of the defense banner area. Maybe even create complex area to make the reaction of your soldiers more intelligent. To clarify what I mean, I made a screenshot:

So lets say the green area is the minimum area that gets defended when placing a defense banner. This is something the player can’t change. But now you can further increase the area to your liking (the red area). Since I want my soldiers to react as soon as possible when enemies come from north, I enlarged the defense area in the direction to north. So as soon as enemies step into the red defense area, my soldiers will start moving out and attack the enemy.


i like this idea as a concept. I was so ecxited when this was announced since it fitted my settlement layout perfectly! then i started the game and all was perfect, i placed the archers on the sides of a funnel shaped entrance point and had the core team of tanks and healers in the bottom to receive.
The end result was that the cobolt archers remained at a distance, shooting first at my archers, whom i had to withdraw and then afterwards on the coreteam who did not engage, i guess because of the range?

I think at some point we need a feature like this. The bigger towns get, the more points you need to guard with your military hearthlings. And to be able to cover enough ground it would be great if you could adjust the defense zone size.

I really like this idea I do feel that buildings and cliffs as well as in some cases open land (since there is so much) are the downfall of the current defense area as it doesn’t really utilize it very well i also feel that they also abandon tactics like funnels i.e. gateways or bridges having a post spot and then a patrol area would be nice so you can choose whether to have them roaming or stationary as i would love to have the freedom to protect specific but vital chokes in my castle defenses and also have “parade” soldiers dressed in bronze armors (because it looks almost ceremonial) outside the main castle gates but obviously be still functional. i too hope that the elaborate on the defense mechanisms of patrolling and just guard movements in general

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