Engineer doesn't mine


Engineer doesn’t mine

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mine a zone
  2. Make only the Engineer mine in the Hearthling Therapist UI

Expected Results:
S/he has a mining checkbox in the hearthling therapist, so s/he can mine

Actual Results:

No mining is done :frowning:

Version Number and Mods in use:

a17. 610; no mods


I can reproduce this on latest build.

Multiple games in which the engineers refuse to mine. They haul, they do their job. Mine = idle, cuddle poyo, etc.

Well, doing their job… some of them will repair doors reasonably; if you stick the workbench on one side of the door, the supplies on the other, and hope no invaders arrive before they decide to repair the door. Some will only try to if it’s clearly suicidal during the attack (the trigger is only active for them while the door is being damaged), not after the mobs are dead, but flat out no mining.

I’ve saved and exited, numerous times over the course of these games, demoted/promoted the engineers, nothing budges the mining. The second engineer did things that made me think she was building?, such as a number of involved scaffolding/blocks on roof activities, when I didn’t have her on hauling duty at the time, just Mine, and Job. Her activity said idle, but she clearly wasn’t. Not sure if it’s relevant, or she was just glitched that one day. All of them mined fine as blacksmiths.

I’ve searched, and this is the only report that’s coming up, so I’m not sure if this is a well known problem. Bringing this back up, as an fyi, because so far it’s been a standard engineer behavior. This behavior occurred in games that were un-modded, and is still occurring after I removed the inventory cap (only mod).

All games referenced are A20 r701.

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