Engine Error on Startup after mid-autosave crash

Title: Engine Error on Startup

Today and yesterday I started Stonehearth to an Engine Error. It does not appear to break the game, though is reoccurring.

(Page 1)
    release-687 (x64)
    No matching overload found, candidates: custom [double] distance_to(Point3 const&,Point3 const&)
    stack traceback:
    	[C]: ?
    	[C]: in function 'distance_to'
    	stonehearth/services/server/inventory/inventory.lua:635: in function 'find_closest_unused_placable_item'
    	.../fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:235: in function '_place_fixture'
    	.../fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:217: in function '_start_project'
    	.../fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:42: in function <.../fixture_fabricator/fixture_fabricator_component.lua:40>

(Page 2)
    release-687 (x64)
    c++ exception: lua runtime error
    stack traceback:

Steps to reproduce:
Appears on startup and also appears when I use F5 to refresh the HUD.

Expected Results:
Received the same error when refreshing.

Actual Results:
Same as expected.

This may not be related, but the day prior to this I was experiencing an awful lot of UI errors prompting me to hit F5 to refresh. During an auto-save I experienced a crash-to-desktop.

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Versions and Mods:
Version 687 (x64)
Alpha 19
No mods.

System Information:

OS Name	Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Version	6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description 	Not Available
OS Manufacturer	Microsoft Corporation
System Type	x64-based PC
Processor	AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date	American Megatrends Inc. F1, 4/8/2013
SMBIOS Version	2.7
Windows Directory	C:\Windows
System Directory	C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device	\Device\HarddiskVolume1
Hardware Abstraction Layer	Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
Installed Physical Memory (RAM)	8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory	7.96 GB
Available Physical Memory	1.70 GB
Total Virtual Memory	15.9 GB
Available Virtual Memory	8.95 GB
Page File Space	7.96 GB