Elevona Dawn Alpha 21

Elevona Town of a New Dawn

Just starting out in Alpha 21
Mode: Hard Mode
Setting: Dark Moor Forest ( Temperate )
Mods used:
Settlement Décor Mod by The_M (for the nice stuff to spice up the town)
Ballista Turret Mod by Hyrule_Symbol (who doesn’t like a good pat in the back with a giant arrow)
Scholar Mod by fantasyworm (For that magical obelisks of magic and armor too)
Yang and Co’s Armory by Yangzhoui ( for that Extra Military umph)
All of which see to be working well in Alpha 21 and are great mods to use in your game.

Humble Beginnings Starting with the For for days Load out ( 20 Carrots, 20 turnips, 10 Animal Jerky and a Farmer’s Hoe) Don’t mind the 4 man combat unit or the farms, maybe I did a bit of preparing before taking this shot

Started with a small hut and stated building some for the crafters for this one the weaver’s hut

We are being attack by a giant zombie, the name of the zombie is so convincing though. The building behind is giant oak wood log made of, well wood I guess

The Building was done and it turned out a oakay ( sorry I could not help it )

Replaced that small house with a warhall for my soldiers hopefully the goblins won’t come out any time soon

It seems I stretched my town to thin and were overrun by a Giant golem while I was attacking the goblin camp

so I started again with better preparations
Still Hardmode

The Merchant Caravan was the Loadout I chose primarily because it had a trapper’s Knife, a wooden sword and the herbalist’s staff

I chose to settle in a nice plateau to start by town

First things first

  • Promote Carpenter, mine had 5-6-1 stats respective, fast and smart he also possessed the “Passionate Carpenter” trait
  • Gather at least 20 wood
  • Make 10 mean beds ( 7 if you want) and chairs Place them near stockpile
  • only promoted footman on the second day the extra worker was a big help on the first day
  • And maybe a nice small inn if you havr already the cloth for comfortable beds for your heartlings

I then started to rebuild my old buildings near the mountain


That log building is more than oakay, it’s fanta-stick!


Zing ~

No i love the look of the log building, it’s quite fantastic for sure. don’t underestimate yourself or your skill.

thank you @Omegasa I’m trying my best

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