Editing House After Completion

So I built a house (the carpenter blueprint to be exact) and after a while I noticed a section of the floor was missing. I know this is an early access game and you expect issues like this. I also understand why you cant edit a house during creation. But what I don’t get is why you cant edit a house (to a certain extent) after creation. I’d love to be able to use the slab or floor tool to repair it.

Was it missing because you accidentally deleted it on design mode, or because they didn’t finish building?
Does it help making the missing part its own building? (Of course if you have the finished building selected it won’t allow to edit it).

I think it is planned for the future building editor to have some kind of ability to modify a building after being built, but not sure till which extent. It was mentioned that probably renovations wouldn’t have a cost. But anyway it’d come later, after everything else is working as expected again.

If you are only missing a section of floor, you should be able to add that as a “separate building” - just open the building editor and start stickin’ blocks in there ; ).

If you are trying to fix something (like remove a mistake) - that you cannot do right now. Hopefully in the future.