Eco - Minecraft for Education xD

Hi i have found an article in one of my german newspapers and can´t stop to laughing ^^

Have Fun :wink: And dont frighten your neighbors (like me xD) ^^



i have laught extrem loud - with pippi in the eyes :joy:

What’s funny about it? Granted I didn’t watch the video so …

I do remember seeing something like this before, it was an actual minecraft mod though that simulated ecosystem stuff so like everytime you cut a tree down, and cooked food/ burnt off stuff it affected the atmosphere

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this is for schooleduction - and in the video are teachers and schoolkids who played it and talk about this ^^ when i was in school there was never anyway that you are allowed to play “games” in schooltime - or make an essay over this ^^ i dont want to know what a dev must do to get a school/teacher to play with there kids in schooltime xD

Some American colleges now count E-Sport as part of their Sport education and those that play will be treated like college athletes.


REALLY? OMG … ok i see german education is far behind ^^ here schoolkids can be happy to see an pc for computer science teaching - where is the enter button, where is the comma - let you show the time in msdos … i was 11 when i hacked the pc from my teacher via msdos (no firewalls etc.) -.-

Ha, where did you find this? Kickstarter?

nope - at the moment on their website but the links was disabled ^^


Dunno about “far behind”, I’d say the Americans are backsliding if they’re doing that :stuck_out_tongue:


You okay over there?

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Need I say more?

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It’s like probably best if you don’t.


@Teleros writhes in agony on the floor

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Oooh this is interesting, though it would make sense to put it into the “Other Games” category.

I think it’s an interesting coop gaming idea but I can’t see how this is educational besides teaching kids to be semi-treehuggers. XD


thx for the tip - redo ^^

i think they must do essay with the graphs etc and explain what he has done so taht all wolfs, bunnys etc died in 2 days at the whole world xD

Actually it was about the “affect the atmosphere” bit. A Minecraft world is up to 2.5M times the surface area of Earth (or near enough), just for starters.


Or just having a general idea about actions and consequences? And it gives them a better understanding on how hard it can be sometimes actually to be environmental friendly.

I think these people are working with a much smaller biosphere where there actions actually can have a much more immediate impact.