Early storage what do you do?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
iIm looking to see how you the other players set up your early storage.
first i put a area down but as soon as my carpenter is able to make the second storage boxes i tend to make a central storage forum (complete with benches and lights)

and as soon as i get the stone boxes i start putting those inside the crafting houses filters inline with the profession in that house

do you have another setup or a way to optimize gathering- producing- (eat/use) chain?

i’ll try and upload a few pictures of my current storage setup

I go for “jumbled” piles of crates, mostly the large variety with some smaller crates scattered to provide access between different levels. I find that fits nicely with the “camp” aesthetic I go for in the early game, although it takes a bit of extra work since the crates have to be placed onto the ground and then moved to stack them on top of each other, since you can’t place a crate directly onto another crate anymore.

As my town evolves, I move the crates into more orderly rows, stacking them either alongside or inside my crafting workshops in an orderly pattern as befits a well-organised workflow.

I recently mad a storage template with boxes under a pillar with banners.
with the auto order crafting for the carpenter I just have to pop one down and change the filters afterwards.

even started to make a modulare storage building where i can interconnect the crafters houses

so i kinda get a small forum with 4 buildings connected (clothmaker,mason,carpenter,and dinning hall)

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I tend to go with 6 large (20x20) stockpiles, filtered to wood in one, stone/clay in another, ore/ingots in a third, and then furniture, food, and everything else in the last 3. By the time I start to run out of space (that gives me 2,400 spots) - I usually have a high enough level blacksmith to make vaults which I use to start replacing the stockpile.