E-mail activation fixed

Hi guys,

If you tried to create an account in the past few days and did not receive an e-mail activation link, please try to log in again and use the “resend activation e-mail” button. We’re still working the kinks out of the system.


Thanks for that. I was one of those who didn’t get the email verification.


there seems to be a problem with the activation mail when I use my gmx adress. Tried it for two days now but never got the e-mail. (yes I checked blacklists and spamfilters :wink: ).

So I used my Yahoo spam-e-mail adress and it worked instantly.

Yeah, sorry to say, but I had also an issue with not receiving the confirmation mail on my “real” mail-account.

Same here, I’m using my g+ account because my gmx.de adress necer received any activation emails.

I checked also my spam folder, the filters and blacklists. I’d be very happy if you could fix it.

There were some issues with global blacklists and GMX in the past so hotmail was blocked by them too some years ago…

As of an hour or so ago, we switched the forum to use the paid http://mandrill.com service for email delivery, so forum emails should be vastly more reliable now.


Can confirm. Was waiting couple of weeks and tried several times… now it works. Thanks!

I swear, these Discourse guys must be wizards or something. They have fixes for everything!!


Had also problems to register with an email from a .de domain, finally worked today with a gmail account. Glad to be here now. Thanks to @SteveAdamo and others in the kickstarter comments, who aid me to solve it.


glad to have you on-board! sorry for the delay in deleting your other accounts… i’ve tried a few times now, but to be honest, im not sure they have actually been removed… i’ll keep plugging away though… :wink: