Duran trading village Alpha 16

Trading town from the Ascendancy to Raya’s Children

Trying to get it where it looks like a flow of 2 biomes on the edge by river

Fort almost down, and the tavern and cook’s building is done


Update, roads Blacksmith, carp working areas, Mason and potter in mountain. Cook up and running and Farms steadly growing

Blacksmith hard at work


I love this concept! Excellent use of the trees to make it feel like you’re crossing from one biome to the other. I also love the courtyard and little blacksmith’s shop.

Oh, it would be so cool to make two cities, one with Ascendancy style and the other with Rayya style! :slight_smile: Except it would be ultra hard to do it :smile:

I mean, you can. You just don’t get two piles of settlers… but building two towns should be easy enough :wink:

Waiting for the Multiplayer to launch in order to cooperate and make Great looking cities